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The Hape Coffee Maker is a beautifully made wooden toy and if i am honest – I have fallen a little bit in love with it!

There are 6 parts to the toy, the main coffee machine, a cup, sugar bowl, spoon, carton of milk and a coffee filter!

It has that special quality that comes with being a wooden toy. It is lovely to look at, has a fab finish, the colours are vibrant and it almost invites you to play just by being so attractive!

It is a fantastic toy for imaginative play, imitating the grown ups and learning about the world! I am sure it will provide hours of fun!

It is really awesome and a perfect toy for Father Christmas’ list!


If you want to see a video review of this, please click HERE



Disclaimer: I was sent this toy by IzziwizziKids.co.uk for the purpose of this review as part of their Playfest.  My opinions remain honest


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I was recently asked by Izziwizzikids.co.uk to review the horse trailer by Brio! So I thought I would share my video here, for you all to see!

Our overall summary is that this is a good quality toy, you expect a certain standard from Brio and with this they have done it again!

The only downside is I don’t think you can buy alone, you would need it as part of a set or to add to a set you may have already; you don’t have to have a brio train track though, any wooden farm, train track or city set would be good to add this too!

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We were sent The fabric fluffy friend by Haba to review, the set includes three 2-piece puzzles, a lion, a crocodile and a kangaroo! They are beautiful to look at, very brightly coloured and so soft! Each animal puzzle is made up of two easy to put together pieces, each puzzle also makes a different noise!

Legs who is 3 yrs had a little look at the puzzles but then passed them over to Mouse who is 22 months, she loved these when they first came out of the box, but the novelty for her soon did wear off, they are a little on the young side for her.

We passed them onto a friends daughter who is 8 months and she absolutely loves them, they are a big hit! I would recommend this set for the younger child, it would make a lovely gift!


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We were recently asked by Izziwizzikids.co.uk to review the Lorry Sorter by Tidlo for their weekly Playfest!

This is a lovely wooden Lorry that can be described as two toys in one! Firstly it is a lorry; Cab and detachable trailer, the wheels go round and it is a much loved toy all ready that drives all over the house keeping both littlies entertained! Secondly, it is a shape sorter, and a great one at that!

The whole thing is made from a durable, smooth wood, it has 16 shaped tiles on the back in four different colours! The colours are bright and

beautiful and the kids have really enjoyed playing with it. Both Legs (3.5 yr) and Mouse (23 months) play with this and it has fast become a firm favourite in the house! The lorry and shapes have been played with roughly (as only toddlers know how), bashed, crashed and dropped and so far there are no chips in the paint and no dents in the wood!

It retails at £15-20 and I would say it is well worth the money, the amount of play we have had out of it so far in the couple of weeks we have had it has been immense!

The kids love it, and I love the fact it isn’t plastic, doesn’t have lots of lights or buttons, yet still keeps them entertained for hours!

I have also done a video review of this for Izziwizzi.co.uk, which you can see here

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I was asked by Izziwizzikids.co.uk to review this lovely pull along helicopter by Brio.

It is a simple small and compact toy, it is a perfect size for littlies to pull along. I love the colour, it is so bright and eyecatching. It is very well made and I have no worries about the sturdiness at all, I am expecting it to last and am not woried about any small bits, or anything falling apart!

The propellers turn as it is pulled along, and as the box says, the faster you pull the faster it twirls!

My kids love it, to the point that there has been a couple of ‘tug of wars’ over it! I love it as an addition to our toybox and I would buy as a gift too!

A massive thumbs up!

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My HABA Ambassador box has been awesome, so I am happy to tell you a bit about the final two items from the goodies I have had!

The Speedy Horse is a wooden handheld rattling toy and the dashing dog is a fabric toy that you use the pull string on the back to send him dashing along – both are suitable from 10 Months up.

Speedy Horse is lovely, he is made from lovely wood, very smooth and no sharp edges or corners that could hurt, he has dangling legs and when you give him a shake he ‘rattles’ and makes a lovely sound. I love him!!

Mouse (1 year old) loves him too, she gives a big smile when she sees him. I think this is partly to do with the noise resembling the clip clopping of a horse – oh and of course the fact she loves being noisy!!

The Dashing Dog is cute, he is soft and brightly coloured, a very attractive toy for little ones! He is easy to use and is perfect for your own baby or a gift for someone else’s! The only slight downside is he works better on some surfaces than others (but that is kind of expected with this type of toys, they don’t always like carpets) and he doesn’t always go forwards, but spice is the variety of life!

Another two big thumbs up for HABA and their toys, please visit their website for more info on the toys or for stockists!

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Item Number three from our fabulous HABA Ambassador box! Please meet Tim – a Pure Nature Doll!

What an adorable doll he is too!

Completely made of material, he is smooth and so cuddly! My little

girl loves her ‘baby’ and when she picks him up she rocks him side to side saying ‘ahhhhhh’. He is a perfect little size for her to cuddle and carry around.

There are no little bits on Tim, so he is completely suitable for little ones and a really big bonus is it is washable, as any mum knows this is always helpful, especially when little ones want to share their food with their babies!

Legs (3) has also had a good play with ‘Baby’, he has enjoyed playing as much as Mouse, because Tim is a boy and not wearing pink,  he has really fitted in to the family of toys that both the children like to play with!

A very welcome edition to the house, and I think he will last a while too, a much loved toy already!

For more information on products or stockists please visit the HABA Website

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