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Me and my hair have a bit of a ‘love hate’ relationship. I have long and straight hair; it has been described by many a hairdresser as ‘fine but there is a lot of it’.  I really wish I could do something with it, but lack of time and inspiration means that I tend to go for the put up and out of the way approach.


I have tried accessories before, but none have be successful, they either won’t stay in, don’t look good or they break! So, when I was offered to try out the service at Stone Bridge, I said yes! Hopefully they would be able to find me something pretty that works!

First they asked me to fill in the ‘Tell Us More About Your Hair‘ form, I was over the moon to be able to answer all the questions, I know that sounds daft but sometimes you get to those questions where you fit into more than one answer, but I didn’t get stuck by that.  They even had ‘Fine, “but a lot of it”‘ as an answer!!

I then got an email telling me that the hair consultant recommended the Coiffure medium hair clamp in mahogany, so I sat back and waited for it to arrive.

It came quickly and well package, I felt like it was Christmas with something pretty turning up for me!

The claw is beautiful and well made. I put all my hair in it and headed out for the day. I only had to adjust a couple of times after sitting in the car and ‘resting in the armchair’. It stayed firm, made me feel girly (a feat in itself), and attracted compliments from others!

I love my new hair claw! Although in theory I am not doing anything that different from putting my hair up out of the way, I feel like I am styling it, I feel like I am doing something with it, I feel nice!

What can I say? The hair consultant got it spot on right and the product is great.

Disclaimer: I was sent the Hair Claw for the purpose of this review, however my review remains honest.

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