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The Hungrumptious Blumf is a book of poetry written by Conrad Bundekin for Children

My son ‘legs’ is not quite three yet, so he is a bit young to be reading this book on his own, but was very happy for me to read it to him! He often repeated the words and questioned what was happening, he loved the made up words in the Hungrumptious blumf too!!

The pictures are very cute and really bring out the poems! I know all poems don’t have to rhyme but in this book’s case the rhyming is awesome and really added to the fun for my little guy!

If you want to find out more about this book and see more reviews (including a little video one from me),  head over to Izziwizzi Kids !

Legs and I give the ‘grumptious blups’ a big thumbs up! Perfect for older kids and fun for younger ones too!


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Poem – Tiredness hurts

Tiredness hurts


The day starts early, I rise from Bed

Eyelids are heavy, There’s pain in my head


My eyes are stinging, My legs are lead

My arms are aching, Not sure what I’ve said


The Brain’s not working, Kids are not fed

Try to start walking, I stumble instead


Ears are ringing, My cheeks are red

Not sure what to do, Best go back to bed!!




© Kelly Brett 2010


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Dedicated to @findenlake on Twitter. He requested 3 poems, on asking what topics he gave despair, change and Kitchen Roll – well I hope this one poem will do!

This goes out to you Pat (sausage)!!

Despair in the Kitchen

Everyday I despair
My mood hits the ground
I get so very sad
At what I have found

Why is change so hard for me
Why can I not cope
It’s only one less sheet
I don’t have any hope

I need to learn to accept
That this is it’s goal
I bought it to be used
It’s just kitchen roll


© Kelly Brett 2010

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POEM – Overdue


Why doesn’t my body know what to do
It’s done it before, you are number two

Waiting is hurting in more than one way
My body’s tired, my mind’s not okay

You should have arrived, your due date has gone
I feel strange, but the signs are none

Can’t wait to meet you and find out your name
I am searching hard, to end this long game

So off to find out, what’s on that long list
of ways to start it, if you get my gist!


© Kelly Brett 2010

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