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A Birthday Message


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Lest we forget!

Lest we forget, All those who were there

Lest we forget, Those who care

Lest we forget, Those who give and gave

Lest we forget, Those who Save

Lest we forget, Those who stand for right

Lest we forget, Those who fight

Lest we forget, Those not coming home

Lest we forget, Those who roam

Lest we forget, Those amazing souls

Lest we forget…………….

Copyright Kelly Brett 2011

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Mars Bar Limerick

I asked for a topic to write a poem about on twitter and this is the result of one reply, so dedicated to @Shortbloke

There once was a mars bar bought
By a bloke who was a little bit short
He ate it dipped in red sauce
which was yucky of course
and stopped eating it before he was caught!

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X Factor

There once was a show on TV

That made people chuckle with Glee

Some were going to be winners

Some are bad singers

But all were a star wanabee

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Hubby and I are celebrating our fourth anniversary today, so I thought I would share with you the poem that was read by my mum at the church.


The Story

In the beginning when you two met

The road in front was already set

Next did come the friendship game

You found your humour was the same

Love at this point began to show

Feelings that before you did not know

The feelings turned into something more

You both were happier than ever before

You grew together solid and strong

Supporting each other through right and wrong

Away from home across the sea

He got down on bended knee

You made a promise to each other

That you would always be together

Now you are here to make that vow

Your wedded bliss starts here and now

Once the service is over and done

You’ll go forward together, united as one

Now as one you’ll embark on life

Relax and celebrate as man and wife!


Copyright Kelly Brett

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The Hungrumptious Blumf is a book of poetry written by Conrad Bundekin for Children

My son ‘legs’ is not quite three yet, so he is a bit young to be reading this book on his own, but was very happy for me to read it to him! He often repeated the words and questioned what was happening, he loved the made up words in the Hungrumptious blumf too!!

The pictures are very cute and really bring out the poems! I know all poems don’t have to rhyme but in this book’s case the rhyming is awesome and really added to the fun for my little guy!

If you want to find out more about this book and see more reviews (including a little video one from me),  head over to Izziwizzi Kids !

Legs and I give the ‘grumptious blups’ a big thumbs up! Perfect for older kids and fun for younger ones too!

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Poem – Tiredness hurts

Tiredness hurts


The day starts early, I rise from Bed

Eyelids are heavy, There’s pain in my head


My eyes are stinging, My legs are lead

My arms are aching, Not sure what I’ve said


The Brain’s not working, Kids are not fed

Try to start walking, I stumble instead


Ears are ringing, My cheeks are red

Not sure what to do, Best go back to bed!!




© Kelly Brett 2010


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