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In every child’s life there is a toy that becomes a friend and in our house that toy is Mette (although her name has been changed to Sally by Mouse).

Mette is a little scamp doll from Haba, a fully material doll with lovely colours, fun clothing and a wonderful air of quality. She is very well made and even after having been flung about and being cuddled to within an inch of her being, the seams are well and truly secure.  She is beautiful with a shock of orange hair (much to Monkey’s delight as it matches his) and is lovely and soft!

Mette has provided endless amount of fun and is great for inspiring imagination!

The best bit for Mummy is that she is also washable!

Mouse has danced, played, sang, cuddled and more with her new found friend and I think she will be a member of the family for a long time to come!!

Watch our review here:


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Guess what I saw this weekend?  Something I have not seen for months, it was bright and warm and so beautiful! You guessed it, it was the sun!

I am sure you can all guess what sun means to Monkey and Mouse too, extra outdoor play! We have had some additions to the garden recently, so it was definitely time to hit the garden and have some fun!

They were in and out the play house, playing ball and in the sand pit. The Toadstool has sent us some sand toys from Haba to ‘Toad Test’, so this was the perfect opportunity!

Sand Toys HabaWe were sent some ‘food’ type toys and the kids couldn’t wait to get playing with them. We had a real meal to get through, Pizza, Chips and cakes, we even had a shaker for toppings!

The kids enjoyed it so, so much and mummy enjoyed her tray of sand cakes! They are all very easy to use, and made well, they are plastic but pretty. The only thing is if your sand is too wet and clumpy the shaker doesn’t work as well, but this hasn’t deterred the kids at all!

The toys have stayed out in the sand box for a few days and are still in perfect condition!

These are ideal toys for getting kids into the garden and they don’t break the bank either, they develop imagination, motor skills and interaction between family members! I have never seen this type of sand toy before, they are so unique and the kids are going mad for them – they want to know if we can get big cakes and sauce to finish of the meal!

Toys of sand

The Toadstool are running a competition to win £20.00 of fantastic Haba Summer toys so head over to the a Rafflecopter giveaway to enter!


Disclaimer: We were sent the sand toys by The Toadstool for the purpose of this review, we always remain honest.

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Team Lloyd

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photo of the weekWe have had a great week this week with two birthdays! The guitar is actually Monkey’s pressie from grandparents but he happily shares with Mouse.  I see a musical future for them both (although I think Mouse will be a drummer!). I love this photo!

Team Lloyd

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Everyone knows that we have been impressed by Orchard Toys before, so recently when we were getting over that nasty bout of flu, we got out the New ‘On the Farm, Giant Jigsaw Playmat‘ from Orchard Toys in the hope that it would keep the attention of the Monkey and the Mouse long enough for us to sit down and have a drink!


The Playmat is made up of 14 jigsaw pieces that fit perfectly together to give you the Farm!  The pieces are a great size! They are made of a thick durable cardboard and fit together really easily! Mouse who is 2 years old can build it on her own!

There are 12 characters include; tractor, people and animals, they all stand up too! It is a fab set and playable as a stand alone toy!

There is a massive added bonus that the playmat can also be linked to the Giant Road Jigsaw (which we already have) and it doubles the playing space!


Well, we wanted it to entertain the Monkey and the Mouse and boy did it?!  Our living room became and city, all kind of figures and cars joined the game! The kids absolutely love it, and each time it is set up, it is set up slightly different. They can play with it for ages!


There is so much play to have and it encourages the imagination of both the kids and of Mummy and Daddy too! It is certainly a fab addition to the games shelf and I am 100% positive it will get played with over and over again!


Disclaimer: We were provided with the ‘On The Farm’ Giant Jigsaw Playmat for the purpose of this review; this does not affect our review, we remain honest at all times!

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For the first time in a long time I have had the whole of Half Term off work. I have had lots of fun with the kids, we have crafted, watched films, been out and about and generally enjoyed time together!

For this weeks Photo of the Week I struggled to pick one photo, I have had so much fun that I wanted to show case all we have done in the week, so here I have one photo made up of more than one photo!


I am linking up with Team Lloyd’s Photo of the Week, head over there to look at more fab photos!

Team Lloyd

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IzziwizziKids.co.uk was born way back in 2005 when Al Boxall-Gordon (a new mum at the time) who was finding the world surrounding children, toys and play frustrating, from this Playfest arrived in January 2011!

Playfest is a party on Twitter (Tuesday 8.30-9.30pm) and Facebook (Thursday 8.30-9.30pm),where a group of like minded people who LOVE play join together to chat about play ideas, their own fun week, occasions (e.g. Christmas, Easter), reviews, sometimes cake and more!


I wanted to tell you that something exciting is happening for Playfest, well actually something exciting is already happening – it is growing!!

So, Izziwizzi are opening up the floor and asking for anybody who is interested to apply to become a Reviewer for the Playfest!  You don’t have to be a blogger to do it, you just need to love play, be willing to give honest feedback, be able to do video reviews and submit them on time and attend Playfest to join in and give your views!

Here is a video about what you need to do:


So if you fancy it, crack out the video camera, phone or you other video recording equipment and join in the fun! Find out more from the website, the Facebook page and the twitter feed!

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