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Boots Parenting Offer

I was recently sent some fab samples by the fantastics Boots to try, and I was ecstatic to receive the package, such a well known brand (and living in Nottingham, one of my favourites) and such quality products!

Boots own Sensitive Baby Wipes.

I struggle with baby wipes, I don’t like strong smells, they have to be sensitive and reasonably priced! These fit the bill perfectly! Soft, wet and did the job!


Boots Baby Dreamtime Calming Bath – Brilliant, Great size, great smell and is great for baby’s skin. Doesn’t dry out at all, which I know I get worried about!


We were also sent some swimming armbands and a baby seat! Hoping to test them next week!

The good news is over this bank holiday Boots are delighted to announce that if you’re a member of Boots Parenting Club, you can collect extra Advantage Card points this bank holiday weekend.

Friday 26th to Monday 29th August, Parenting Club members can collect 16 Advantage Card points for every £1* when you spend £15 or more in store or £50 or more online on baby products in the baby area, compared to the usual 10 points per pound. If you spend money on products outside of the baby area, you may receive 10 points for every £1 spent when you spend £15 or more in store or £50 or more online.

So, go forth and Stock up on your baby essentials and for every £20 you spend at Boots, you’ll collect £3.80 worth of Advantage Card points to spend on products in store that you can treat yourself or your family with.

A bit from Boots about Boots Parenting Club

From bump to baby and up until your child’s second birthday, we know mums will enjoy being a member of Boots Parenting Club, as they benefit from exclusive advice, information and offers online that you and your little one will love.

The Boots Parenting Club is open to all UK residents who are pregnant and/or have a child or children up to the age of two, but not including two year olds. In order to be a member of the Club, you must have an Advantage Card. If you don’t already have one, you’ll be signed up for the Advantage Card scheme as part of joining the Parenting Club. For more information, visit http://www.bootsparentingclub.com.


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So part two of our Nautilus journey, the fitting stage. This for me was easy, as I got my hubby to do it!

On watching him complete the task at hand, there were a few words used that he doesn’t normally say, especially when talking about assembling something:

Instructions – My hubby, in true style of most men, usually side steps the instructions preferring to guess how something goes together, however as we are testing the Nautilus he thought he would do it properly and check them out. On looking at them he swiftly got on with putting the chair together, the instructions were not too long and were easy to follow!

Easy – Having found the instruction booklet fine, we were led onto the putting together stage and after a very simple clicking in the upright position and a clicking of the headrest into place the stage was completed – Easy!

Useful – On the chair itself there are some picture instructions of putting it into the car, far more useful than trying to stand there with the book in one hand and chair in the other

Hmmmm – Well, this is where it got a little tricky, our car, in the politest of ways, is more a family car for mice than elephants, small is the correct term I suppose, but we prefer cute!! Anyway, looking at the Nautilus and the car you would think, no way! The fitting was a little tricky, but this says more about the car than the carseat. Once hubby had positioned himself right the chair was fitted and ready to go!

Done – The ‘there it’s done’ came a lot quicker than I had expected, I truely expected some grunts and groans about putting it all together, but they didn’t come!

Simples – A word that is rarely used by hubby! But it summed up the experience of putting the chair together and into the car

We are now ready for traveling, keep your eyes peeled for a trip with us very soon!

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The Nautilus has landed!

I have been selected as a tester for the new GRACO Nautilus Carseat (Group 1-2-3), you will be able to follow my families’ journey with it here, twitter and more!

Once upon a time there was a family of four, they were selected to try out a carseat and it all began when a big box was delivered! It was like Christmas had come early – Mummy was excited at the prospect of a new item to test, Daddy was geared up to set about fitting his new ‘gadget’ and the two year old was soooo excited about his new chair that had a space for his drink!!! The baby was not so bothered by the whole thing, drifting in and out of sleep – well she is only 12 weeks old so can be excused!

So the package was opened and the delightful looking chair was revealed, Mummy’s first thought was that it was big, but actually the term should of been grown up! It is no bigger in bulkiness than the group 1 chair already used and this one covers group 1, 2 and 3 (It goes form 9 months old to 12 years!). It just looked more like a seat than a baby chair!

The two year old is very impressed and can’t wait to get it in the car to use!

Look out soon for a blog about fitting and our first journey with it!!!

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