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I feel like writing, not really sure what I will write, but I guess the New Year is a good place to start!

Happy New Year all, I really hope you have made a good start to 2013!HNY Fireworks

Goodbye to 2012, you were kind to some, and extra specially unkind to others. Personally I have had highs and lows. I have watched Monkey start school and Mouse start playgroup, I have seen them blossom into real little people, learning, flourishing and reminding me daily how blessed i am! I have cherished cuddles and laughs and I have spent every single day knowing how much I love them and their Daddy!

I have made new friends, some of who I know will be forever friends, I have got closer to others and I have and still do miss those I have lost contact with, who have moved away or who simple we haven’t spoke as much as we should because life gets in the way!

I have watched people I love hurt, some in ways I couldn’t imagine was possible, I have wanted to help, but not always been able to!

At times we have struggled, finances have been tight, stress has been high, we have dealt with loss, uncertainty and more, but on the positive side we have done it together!

I have done a lot of thinking, I have been down and up, sometimes I don’t even know what I was – confused I guess!

So goodbye 2012, it is time for me to move on, it is time for me to look forward to this year!2013 fireworks

What 2013 will bring is unknown, some things will happen; Monkey will turn 5 and Mouse 3 (within 3 days of each other), they will remind me daily how awesome they are, they will grow and develop and I will be reminded that time flies! I am determined to treasure every moment! I will treasure that they want an extra cuddle at bedtime, I will treasure the tantrum because they want to try and do up their own buttons, only to need me to do them anyway, I will treasure the early morning because the first thing they want is a hug with mummy and daddy and I will always tell them how awesome they really all!

I have hope for 2013, I hope for a new job (I have a dream job in mind if anyone wants to give it to me!), I hope for the family business to pick up and take off, I hope for a house we can call home in an area we feel safe and settled, I hope for more contact with those we care about and more time with those we love, I hope our family time will be something to be treasured, I hope to help others where we can and I hope to look back on 2013 and think that was a good year, unkind to some (because I guess that is inevitable) but kind to most!

So for a final summary, some personal messages for those I love

To the family near and far, I hope 2013 will see more visits, more time together and more ‘I love you’s. I value all of you, you are my family and always will be, I love you and want you to know that!

To my husband, you are my soul mate, the father of my kids and I am so glad you are by my side as we venture into a new year, I hope that this year we find our place in the world, learn how to be the best us we can be and learn to cherish every moment of family life…together!

To the kiddie winks, I love you and always will. You are my shining lights and I am so proud to be your mummy!

To the friends who have had to follow their path that moved them away, I know the distance is a big one, but lets keep in touch like we promised too, with Facebook, Twitter, text and visits there is no reason not too! We know it will always be like we were never apart when we get together, lets just make the get together more regular, we miss you and love you lots!

To my ‘best friend from uni’, this will be the year we meet up, properly!! I still love you as much as I did, a friend for life – you have seen me at my worst, I want you to be a part of my life always!

To the other aliens – you know who you are,the claw has to come! You are rocks day to day and I will be grateful you are my friends, love you guys so much!

To my southern friend, 2012 has been so cruel to you and yours! I really wish I could have done more, I wish we lived closer, so we  could ‘do lunch’ and I can give you real hugs. We are so alike in many ways and so different in others (seriously Harry Potter!!), but you are like a sister to me, I miss you when we don’t speak for a few days and it is like we haven’t been apart when we are together! I never thought someone I met online would become someone I would want to be part of my life always! I really hope that 2013 is a good one for you, I will be here for you always and I love you!

And last but not least

To my friends, you know who you are, the ones who say ‘we should meet for a drink’, ‘we should get together the families’, ‘we should do…..’. Do you know what? We should!



So Happy New Year, lets see what happens !



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So the new year is nearly here, you have the wine in, the nibbles are bought and the guests are invited, but there is one thing you haven’t got yet…your 2013 calendar!

I have the answer!

Kodak Kiosks to the rescue again! You have seen how they can make cards, now see how to make a calendar!

It’s as simple as making Greeting Cards.  You can do it the ‘old fashioned’ easy way with an SD card slotted straight into the machine or you can be all advanced, you can use your Facebook login or your phone!

Theses machines are so up to date that you can use your android or your iPhone (or iPad) and connect wirelessly (using the Kodak Connect app) to the machine!


So you choose the calendar you want; size, choice of folds, design, monthly or annually.  You can even select which month you want it to start, meaning it doesn’t matter what time of year you’re making it!


We headed off to Marvellous Memories and used the Kodak Connect App to get going. The App, which is easy to use, connects wirelessly to the machine and it shows you your photos! Then you can drag your photos from the right hand side of the screen onto the design. Each photo can then be moved, zoomed and edited until you’re happy!

Go through the months and once you’re happy with the photos on each page you simply press done! You then take your receipt to the desk, pay and it isn’t long until you can have your calendar!

Another brilliant idea for a gift or for yourself! A calendar for the year, academic year or even from birthday to birthday! Select it, Design it and Love it!

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post

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This post was supposed to have been written a few days ago, but due to various illnesses and the like it has been put off slightly! So here is that second part I was talking about the look forward to the coming year!


So, I had decided not to make any official resolutions as they are very hard to stick to, but no-one can help have hopes, dreams and thoughts about what they want to do in a brand new year, what they want to happen and most of all where they want to be by the end of it, so here is a list of my ‘none resolution things that may or may not be destined to happen in 2012’

I was going to write about how our biggest immediate priority was to move house. We have been in this one for 4 years and due to various ‘issues’ we need to get out – but in the delay of writing this post, we have found somewhere else and are moving in on 1st February, so I guess instead of the hope of a house, the hope is for the move to go smoothly!

A few of the other things that will or may happen this year!

Legs goes to school

Yep, our first born will turn 4 in March which means he will start proper school in September, scary stuff! We are currently completing the application and our top preference is actually a school out of catchment area, we have many reasons, but it i a risky move I guess. You can choose up to 6 in total, so best get our thinking caps on. The hardest part is the waiting game of 3 months before you find out which school you have got!

Mouse going to nursery

Well probably some type of playgroup/nursery/childcare thing. Legs went into it at 2, I thought he was too little, but three afternoons a week did him the world of good, his social skills, his learning, his attachment all developed well! So, we are thinking as Mouse turns two in March will start some limited time this year, although we will see!


Hubby is developing his illustration business and I have started a new job, so hopefully these will both be successful. I have also been trained as a Baby Signing Practitioner with Baby Signing Mummy – I really hope this has a big part in this year, I love Baby Signing!


We definitely want to move a step closer to owning our own house, so this year is all about saving the pennies!

Being a Family

The main of the year is to be a family! Spend time together, work hard together, play together and grow together!

So nothing major, I could throw in the resolution about healthy eating, more exercise, losing weight, but I won’t, because I don’t make resolutions do I!?




Find more of the above comic strip at http://www.themonkeyandthemouse.com

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So as a blogger you have the great opportunity to write a post at New Year looking back on the year gone by and looking forward to the year to come! So here is my such post about last year!


What did you bring?

Well we started the year with a 9 month old and a two year and 9 month old, I was off work on Maternity due back at the end of March and husband was just kicking off doing illustration.  You found out a little bit more about me in the ‘7 things meme‘ and I really found my heart for Blogging!

February was not great as I was ill with ‘Labyrinthitis‘, I was bedridden as I had the constant feeling of being drunk and wanting to fall over, it was awful!

The lovely husband excelled though as he looked after the kids and me!  Luckily it was followed by March which was always going to be a nice month, Leg’s 3rd birthday, Mouse’s 1st birthday and our fourth wedding anniversary!

So we ate, drank and enjoyed each other’s company! The only downside was the knowledge that I would be going back to work shortly!

So, in April after taking some Leave, I finally took a step back into work and if I am honest I did not like it even a little bit, I didn’t want to go and cried at the thought of leaving my children at home. I had always dreamt of being a stay at home mum, but it wasn’t going to happen so I had to get on with it! (It was ok and I have got used to it, but if anyone wanted to give me a large sum of money to stay at home, I would do it in a shot!)

I told you a bit more about me in a ‘Question and Answer Meme‘ and my blog was nominated for a ‘MAD Award‘!

Over the year I have had some fantastic products to review and in June I did my first as a ‘HABA Ambassador‘, a role I have loved and continue to love, I have worked with other great companies and regularly vlog for izziwizzikids.co.uk – a first for me this year, but I have enjoyed being creative!

The second half of the year has felt like a whirlwind, summer holidays flew by without much to report, September saw Legs start proper pre-school wearing a little uniform and looking so grown up, an emotional time for both me and Daddy, seeing the first born go off into school (yep I know that this year with seeing him go into real full time school will be worse).

I guess the biggest news for me though was in October I was successful in getting a new job, after six years of working in a service doing a job I knew, I found the courage to apply for the role in the service I really wanted and got it!  We finished off the year with both children having a bout of Chicken pox, three lots of colds, a round of fevers and one severe Flu! But we are here and together, what else matters?

So that is the year! Smiles, tears and fun – probably what most years include! But, to finish off I have to say that my own favourite post of the year was the ‘Ten things I love about you‘ Meme, it was honest and completely from my heart, I meant every word and still do! Something that can really be classed as a diary entry from my life in 2011!

Part to of this ‘looking forward will come in a separate post so you don’t have to read it all in one go, how good am I to you?!

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Welcome to 2012! I hope you all have a fantastic year! So, how did you welcome it in?

We had a BBQ! Yep a real, outside in the garden BBQ, with cocktails and it was fantastic! A couple of months ago the brother and sister in law suggested a BBQ/Cocktail Party for New Years Eve. We both have young children and are unlikely to go out, but like to do something on New Year, especially as it also is the hubby’s birthday, so it seemed like a good idea to spend it together!

Some people looked at us like we were mad when we said this was what we were doing, but hey why not, lets do something a bit different, and anyway we could always grill if it was raining!

So New Year’s Eve arrived and we managed all day without rain, we had Barbequed sausages and salad, the kids played in the garden and it was fab! Then as the clock struck ‘Kid’s bedtime’, we sat back with a snowball or two whilst our hosts sorted supper! Later on I was supplied with trousers and coat made out of sleeping bag material (I had a slight fever) as we were asked to enter the garden!We were greeted with gazebo, complete with tea lights and fairy lights (the photo really doesn’t do it justice!). The table was set and we were served with Roast Potatoes, Minty Peas and Halloumi Cheese, well I was for the rest they had a joint of beef off the barbeque (yes a joint, cooked to perfection so I am told).

We then sat round, ate, drank and played games until midnight, when we popped the champagne, watched the fireworks and hugged! I then ran to my bed where a sweated out my fever into the new year!

It was a fantastic evening, and I have to say I never thought I would see in a New Year in a garden with a BBQ in England! But I have and I would do it again!

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