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IMG_20130419_184934It may have been someones birthday this weekend, someone who doesn’t like big fusses or even really acknowledging that it is happening! But on this particular birthday this year, someone may have had an awesome time, may have even enjoyed it! (Don’t worry there will be a bigger blog post about the awesomeness!). Just thought I would share a little taster, well actually a big tasty ‘oh my word, I want it again’ taster of the day!

Team Lloyd

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Do you remember when I posted my ‘Wet February’ Post? Remember how I took up the challenge to drink the recommended amount of water? Well, this is the post that tells you how it went!

So, Brita sent me over a Marella Filter Jug to use at home and a Fill & Go bottle for out and about to make it easier! Well, what can I say – the first week or so was easy, fill up my bottle, take it to work and drink, drink, drink! Then when at home switch to the Jug!

At first I felt like I was constantly drinking (and constantly nipping to the loo), but my body soon got used to the extra liquid and I think it started to like it! The Fill & Go Bottle is basically a filter jug’s more sleek and transportable little brother!

We then went away and I will be completely honest, I forgot to drink my allotted amount. I replaced water with fizzy pop and I suffered! My skin was no longer hydrated, it felt dry and my chin suffered an influx of mountain sized spots!


So, I have picked up the Fill & Go Bottle and positioned it on my desk for the last week or so back at work and oh my word, how I love my bottle. Having it right there means that I don’t forget to drink it, and it does make me feel good. It is great to have fresh tasting water on tap (or bottle).

I just need to remember to bring it home at the weekend to continue the good work!!

I love my Fill & Go – give it a go!


Disclaimer: I was sent the bottle and jug for the purpose of the review, I always remain honest.

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Me and my hair have a bit of a ‘love hate’ relationship. I have long and straight hair; it has been described by many a hairdresser as ‘fine but there is a lot of it’.  I really wish I could do something with it, but lack of time and inspiration means that I tend to go for the put up and out of the way approach.


I have tried accessories before, but none have be successful, they either won’t stay in, don’t look good or they break! So, when I was offered to try out the service at Stone Bridge, I said yes! Hopefully they would be able to find me something pretty that works!

First they asked me to fill in the ‘Tell Us More About Your Hair‘ form, I was over the moon to be able to answer all the questions, I know that sounds daft but sometimes you get to those questions where you fit into more than one answer, but I didn’t get stuck by that.  They even had ‘Fine, “but a lot of it”‘ as an answer!!

I then got an email telling me that the hair consultant recommended the Coiffure medium hair clamp in mahogany, so I sat back and waited for it to arrive.

It came quickly and well package, I felt like it was Christmas with something pretty turning up for me!

The claw is beautiful and well made. I put all my hair in it and headed out for the day. I only had to adjust a couple of times after sitting in the car and ‘resting in the armchair’. It stayed firm, made me feel girly (a feat in itself), and attracted compliments from others!

I love my new hair claw! Although in theory I am not doing anything that different from putting my hair up out of the way, I feel like I am styling it, I feel like I am doing something with it, I feel nice!

What can I say? The hair consultant got it spot on right and the product is great.

Disclaimer: I was sent the Hair Claw for the purpose of this review, however my review remains honest.

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marella__lum_alpha_blueFebruary is that month that people tend to lose sight of their healthy New Years Resolutions, hide away from the cold wintery feeling that comes just before spring and use comfort food as the only way forward!

Add to this the fact that I came down hard with the flu this week and it is is taking a few days to get back to full health, I really need something that is going to help me feel better!

It seems Water is the answer……Cue Brita and their ‘Wet February’.

It is recommended that everyone drinks 1.2 litres of fluid a day. Water seems to be the best option, it quenches thirst, it is good for your skin, it hydrates you and it has no calories!


So I am taking up the challenge, I am going to drink the recommended amount of water and see how I feel!

I normally don’t drink a lot through the day aside some coffee, but BRITA have two products that are going to make it easier to, the Marella Jug for home and the Fill & Go bottle for when i am at work or out enjoying myself! So here goes, update soon!


Disclaimer: I have been set the Marella Jug and the Fill & Go for the purpose of this challenge

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I am desperately looking for a new job. The reasons for leaving where I am now are plentiful, most of which I won’t share at this time, but I have been there seven years and it really is time to move on!

Just before Christmas I spotted a job, it was only a couple of days until the closing date, so I didn’t really think about it, I just applied! After a couple of weeks I hadn’t heard anything, so I took it as a ‘no’!

Two days before Christmas I got an email ‘you have been shortlisted, interview will be in the new year’. Wow, I had made it through the application stage!

Christmas and New Year came and went and an interview confirmation arrived. I went back over the job description and tried to prepare. But (and it is a fairly big but) as I was reading things I started to question whether I wanted the job. Yes, it would be a new job in a new place, but it would be more work, less money and less flexibility!

I thought about it – a lot – I kept saying ‘go for the interview, it’s great experience, then decide’! But I didn’t feel sure about it, how would I feel if they actually offered me it and I had to turn it down, could I ever even really consider taking that drop in money when we live ‘hand to mouth’ as it is. So I rang them, said thank you but I wouldn’t be going.

I felt better, so much better, no pressure of an interview, no having to turn down a job if offered it. I was comfortable with what I had decided!

Another job has come up, one I would LOVE, it is completely different to what I do now, but I am nervous, tonight even too nervous to complete the application. It will be further away from where I live, I won’t know anyone, it will be stricter hours, it will be brand new! What should I do?

It has been said maybe I am ‘too Comfortable’ at my job now, I have been there so long that I can’t see myself leaving my bubble, I am too scared to do it!

Tonight I have realised that I am too comfortable, I have been in the same place of work for 7 years, I have changed roles within the organisation but I am one of the longest serving members of a small team, I have my breakfast at work, I am asked were stuff is, I have some flexibility in my hours, I know the people, in fact I have some very good friends there, I am scared about moving and ending up in a job that does less for my life, for my family!

What should I do? Apply for the brand new job, risk the rejection, risk it not being right, risk moving out of my comfort zone? Or do I stay where I am?

What would you do?

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You can order most things online and get them delivered directly to your door now, clothes, groceries, gifts. Do you like it? I love internet shopping, i love the convenience, I love being able to order a gift and get it delivered direct to the person if need be, I love it!

What about ordering a cake through the post though? I have to admit when I was asked to have a taste of Baker Days Valentines Letterbox cake I was sceptical, how on earth could a cake travel through the mail, enter your house through the letterbox and be tasty and in one piece?

Well I was about to find out!

So, I put in my order for a beautiful looking personalised valentine cake and sat back and waited!


So what happened next? Well, you will never believe it, but a white box came through the letterbox, yep actually through the letterbox and landed on the mat! In the box was a small card, a packet of love hearts and a round cake tin that said just for you on it! I was worried about opening the tin, would I find a cake in there or would it be something that once was a cake?

bakerDays Cake

Much to our pleasure it was indeed a cake, and not the tiny cake you would expect from the way it had travelled, you could get 4 decent sized slices (maybe more depending on how you cut!)  and added to that; an absolutely gorgeous smelling cake at that. As soon as I open the tin the smell hit me and it made me want to eat the cake straight away, yum! The cake was a surprise for hubby, and he was impressed! The writing on it was perfect, the picture great and the fact it had come in the post really made him smile!

So it had passed the letterbox test and the attractiveness test, so there was only one real test left – the taste test! We cut into the cake, shared it out (well we all had to test) and drooled a little….it was delicious! bakerDays Cake two

To say the cake had survived the journey is an understatement, it was in one piece, moist and tasty! It was fantastic, Monkey and the Mouse both had some and enjoyed it and Hubby thought I was the best wife ever (well he thinks that anyway, but the cake got me brownie points!).  There was a small bit left that Hubby had a couple of days later and he said it was still good, hadn’t dried out at all!

This is a unique idea, something I have never seen before and something I thought wouldn’t work, but actually I have tried it and I like it! The fact you can send someone a cake even if you can’t be with them for a special occasion is brilliant! There are over 400 designs and your choice doesn’t stop there, you can have sponge, carrot, gluten free and more!

So for valentines this year, consider sending a cake – it will be worth it!

We were sent the cake for the purpose of this review, all thoughts are honest

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