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I was asked to Review the White Chocolate Lenny Lamb from Thorntons for Izziwizzi Kids, you can see me in full video reviewing glory here! But I thought I would also tell you a little bit about him too!

Lenny is a White Chocolate Lamb with Dark Chocolate decoration, he also comes with a side helping of white chocolate buttons. Normally I wouldn’t choose white chocolate, I don’t dislike it but dark chocolate is my favourite and I would pick milk over white too! So this was quite a test for me, and I liked it! The chocolate was nice and smooth, it was sweet without being too sweet and as you can see Lenny is very cute!In fact hubby and I claimed Lenny as ours – the kids can have the buttons!

He is a perfect alternative to an Easter Egg for the kids this year and he is also on offer over at Thorntons website now in the form of 3 for 2!



Lenny was provided by Izziwizzi Kids for me to review

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As a Mum I am always looking for simple solutions to those everyday problems that pop up! Although we don’t have any doors that automatically shut I still worry about trapped fingers with a crawling baby trying to get in and out of rooms and a toddler obsessed with shutting doors, so when Simple Safety Solutions asked if I wanted to review the Happy Hand Door Stopper I jumped at the chance!

The first thing that struck me was how simple an idea it was, it is basically a plastic hand on a swivel sticky pad – You stick to the door and then it can be turned to allow the shutting of the door or stop it shutting to protect fingers!

So we stuck it to the door and let it do it’s job, and it did it very well.  The sticky pad is great and sticks hard, the hand doesn’t ping off anywhere when the door is pushed to, even when the toddler was roughly trying to shut the door it remained secure!

When the door is stopped from closing it leaves a decent enough gap to stop those fingers getting trapped (the whole point)

For such a simple idea it is fab and it doesn’t look awful stuck to your door – my son actually wants to high five it –  a fun piece of safety equipment that really works!

This stopper is still on our door and there it will stay protecting the fingers of the little ones (and us too!)


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As I am currently testing the Graco Nautilus group 1-2-3 carseat, I have been blogging about my time with it, to complement my journey this is a guest post from Kay Wilkinson, a fellow blogger and a fellow mum!
Kay has written a short post from her perspective about buying a car seat – Enjoy!

Carseats: A few dos and don’ts!

First time mums are bombarded with ‘must buy’ items for their new babies – cots, safety gates, bottles, baby-gro’s, gro-bags, baby bath products, towels…..the list is huge and can be quite bewildering. Every mum wants to do the right thing for their baby, and to make the right choices. I know it worried me sick that I might miss something when I was pregnant with my first child.

Speaking from personal experience I bought a lot of stuff I didn’t need, and looking back it’s actually quite ridiculous that I thought I HAD to buy ‘Lavender Soothing Bath Oil’ and that if I didn’t buy new towels for the baby that the world might end.

Having said that, some items are absolutely essential and can truly be a life and death matter, i.e car seats. This is one item you cannot afford to skimp on, or not to research properly. The first rule of buying a car seat, is undoubtedly – don’t buy second hand! A car seat that has been in any kind of accident or impact will not protect your child. Basically, if you buy a cheap car seat at a car boot sale, who’s to know the history? It’s just not worth the risk.

Do make sure you find a car seat that fits your car. Car seats are definitely not a ‘one size suits all’ kind of product. The internet is your friend in this case, spend a couple of hours browsing the web and see what information / reviews you can find. Parenting and baby magazines are a great help too (and it’s always nice to have an excuse to sit down, put your feet up and do ‘important research’ whilst your other half makes you cups of tea).

Personal recommendations are worth listening to, although you do need to remember that what suits one person may not suit another. A huge, complicated to fit car seat that bolts to the car frame, is probably not suitable for someone who uses two cars and needs to swap between them, for example.

Another extremely important thing you must do, is read the instruction manual for your carefully chosen car seat. Although you may want to bumble your way through putting up flat pack furniture as ‘it’s obvious how it works’, this does not apply to your car seat. Studies have shown there are a huge percentage of car seats that are fitted incorrectly, and therefore do not work as effectively as they should. A tiny error could cost you a tiny life. You need to fit them properly.

There are so many things to look into before the arrival of your little bundle, but I cannot stress enough the importance of choosing the right car seat.

Do read magazines, reviews, go online, ask friends, ask retailers for advice – but don’t think it doesn’t matter and leave it to the last minute.

I am ashamed to say that my husband and I bickered outside the maternity unit immediately after my first baby was born. Neither of us knew how to fit the car seat properly, although we eventually worked it out after quite a few cross words and near tears from me. We’d simply overlooked it. If anything had happened on the way home, we would never have forgiven ourselves. Make sure that’s not you!

A big thank you to Kay – You can find Kay’s Blog here

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So a new blog – where to start?!

I am Kel, a mum of one with a bun in the oven, not long now until I can say mum of two – the next bundle of joy is due the end of March!

I work full time at the minute and also run my little business from home, Piddley Pix is a hobby come business, both my hubby and me love to draw and paint – so decided to sell some of the bits we do!
So apart from being a mum to a very energetic toddler, baking the second one, trying to chill and get some rest, working and doing stuff for Piddley Pix, I have decided to start a blog too – I may need some tips along the way, so don’t hesitate to tell me what you want to hear about, or what you think!



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