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Hubby and I are celebrating our fourth anniversary today, so I thought I would share with you the poem that was read by my mum at the church.


The Story

In the beginning when you two met

The road in front was already set

Next did come the friendship game

You found your humour was the same

Love at this point began to show

Feelings that before you did not know

The feelings turned into something more

You both were happier than ever before

You grew together solid and strong

Supporting each other through right and wrong

Away from home across the sea

He got down on bended knee

You made a promise to each other

That you would always be together

Now you are here to make that vow

Your wedded bliss starts here and now

Once the service is over and done

You’ll go forward together, united as one

Now as one you’ll embark on life

Relax and celebrate as man and wife!


Copyright Kelly Brett

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Valentine’s Day is a perfect topic for a blog post, but I thought I would look at it slightly different, instead of looking at cupid, getting together and all the secrecy of Valentines, I thought I would celebrate those of us who have married our valentine!

I love being married, to me it is more than just a bit of paper, I don’t mind being someone’s missus and I certainly in no way feel like I am owned by someone or am someone’s possession (all things that have been said to me as reasons not to get married!). For me, marriage is important, I am glad I got married and I love being a wife!

So here are some piccies that people have allowed me to showcase in a small celebration of getting married! Enjoy!

On a personal note:

Happy Valentine’s Day to my Hubby, my Other Half and my Best Friend!

I Love you xx

Me and Him indoors!

Anne-Marie from Diddi Dance

Mary - 'Lincoln and Me'

Lins from Daisy Chain Baby

Nine Photos

Lizzie from Chic Unique

A massive thank you for allowing me to use your photos to Anne-marie from Diddi Dance, Lizzie from Chic Unique, Lins from Daisychain Baby, Mary from the blog ‘Lincoln and me’ and Joanne from Nine Photos

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