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As you all know the kids love books, they are a major part of the bedtime routine, the chill out time and the ‘I don’t know what else to do’ time!

Dr Duck is a book full of delightful animals who are a bit poorly sick. Dr Duck comes to the rescue with his own touch of fixing things! It is really well written, the illustrations are fantastic and best of all it is hilarious!   This book has very quickly earned a spot as top book in our house! Both the Monkey and the Mouse are asking for this book over and over again!

dr duck 1

The storyline, the flow of the words and the smells are all awesome and we have all been entertained by it on several occasion, it gets the kids (and the grown ups) giggling every time!

I am certain Dr Duck will come out as soon as the kids uncle comes over this weekend, they will no doubt want to share the Gorillas troubles and I know Uncle N will love it too!dr duck 2

It has made us all laugh a lot, and we are sure it will remain a firm favourite for quite a while!  Dr Duck really is the best doctor ever and I think he could make anyone smile!

A perfect book for a poorly child, a birthday or a Daddy!

Disclaimer: We were sent this book by Little Tiger Press for the purpose of a review, our review however remains honest!

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Both the Monkey and the Mouse are entering the world of reading at the minute, although they are both at different stages of it. Mouse is just learning here letter and Monkey is really getting into the world of Phonics in the reception class at school.

So, the new ‘Learn to read with the Alphablocks’ DVD ‘Phonics First Steps Volume 1’ seemed like it could be perfect for them to watch together!


Volume 1: Phonics First Steps

Phonics First Steps introduces the first letters and sounds that children are taught at school and starts them off making simple words.

With repeat viewing, children can build key phonics skills and boost their reading confidence – while having lots and lots of fun. 

The DVD is 86 minutes of fun and learning, featuring the 26 Alphablocks who make words when they join hands!

I popped it on the TV and instantly both kids were hooked, they did not move for the entire DVD and that is a feat in itself!! Both of them were singing along, saying the sounds and Monkey was trying to get the words too! There are 18 episodes in total and at the end of each one both the kids were asking for another one!


Monkey and Mouse have very quickly fallen in love with this DVD, it is a great support for their learning and they have so much fun watching it!  I can 100% say that this DVD will be watched over and over, it is great to watch the kids confidence grow as they recognise new letters, sounds and words!


Disclaimer: I was supplied with a copy of the DVD for the purpose of this review, this is no way influence our opinions and we remained hones.  The DVDS can be purchased from all good DVD stockists
Abbey Media can be found on their website, twitter and Facebook

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Well Legs, it has come to that time of year, the end of your foundation one school year!

Daddy and I went to see your teacher today for a ‘parents meeting’, a chance to find out about you in school! Well, what can we say apart from “well done little man!”

Your teacher couldn’t wait to tell us how much of a pleasure it has been to have you at school this year, how you will be missed when you go to big boy school in september, she nearly made me cry when she said ‘it has gone too quick and i can’t believe it is nearly time to say goodbye’!

We were told how you are excelling your expected level in…well just about everything really!

You love role play and have an awesome imagination, over the past three terms, you have been many different people. Along with various superheros, tv characters and people you have made up, Baby Bear from Goldilocks was a firm favourite! The school will never forget you and your two friends retelling that story!!

You are very good at drawing and cutting; even though creative play isn’t a first choice for you, numbers and maths are more your thing, construction too – anything with a clear purpose, you enjoy having a reason to do – you thrive on using your brain and developing skills!

Your love of books fills all areas of your life and you have often asked to read one or two or several!  You crave information and fun, love to learn and have certainly thrived at school!

You are like a sponge for information. Even though you are moving to a different school you will love it, more to learn, more friends to make, a whole new world to explore!

Both me and Daddy are very proud of you, you are our little star!

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My little (3 soon to be 4 year old in two days time) boy loves drawing and the other day whilst mouse was having a nap, we decided that he could have a go at drawing the way Daddy does on a graphics tablet on the computer.  He took to it straight away, understanding how the tablet relates to the picture on the laptop screen, even explaining to Daddy  that the dot on the screen is where the pen is on the tablet!

Here is what he produced

First picture of Daddy

Second drawing of daddy!


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