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Looks lovely doesn’t it! I love receiving post, well not post – bills I don’t like, but parcels I love! Normally they are parcels of things for the children, but this one was for me! A treat for Mummy – Yay!!

So, what is it? I hear you ask.

Well this pretty parcel came from the lovely Silver Birch Crafts for review and it is an ipad sleeve, and if I wanted to make this a really short review I could simply say ‘I love it!’

But I will tell you more, this sleeve is made from beautiful fabric on the outside and has a suedette lining to keep it protected and scratch free, it is soft and snuggly and makes my ipad look soooo pretty! I have my ipad in a case that doubles as a stand at the minute and if I want this sleeve goes over the top of that too!

There are many fabrics to choose from and I am sure if there was something you particularly wanted Silver Birch Crafts would happily talk to you about it, they are very accommodating (I got to pick which fabric I wanted for this review!)

So what do I love about this sleeve, it’s soft, it’s unusual (there aren’t many out there like this!), it disguises my ipad, it protects, it fits my ipad with or without it’s case and it is so pretty!

Sarah from Silver Birch Crafts is very talented as she hand makes these herself, and if the ipad isn’t your gadget of choice, there are also Kindle sleeves, Laptop Sleeves and Phone Sleeves too!








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