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Do you remember when I posted my ‘Wet February’ Post? Remember how I took up the challenge to drink the recommended amount of water? Well, this is the post that tells you how it went!

So, Brita sent me over a Marella Filter Jug to use at home and a Fill & Go bottle for out and about to make it easier! Well, what can I say – the first week or so was easy, fill up my bottle, take it to work and drink, drink, drink! Then when at home switch to the Jug!

At first I felt like I was constantly drinking (and constantly nipping to the loo), but my body soon got used to the extra liquid and I think it started to like it! The Fill & Go Bottle is basically a filter jug’s more sleek and transportable little brother!

We then went away and I will be completely honest, I forgot to drink my allotted amount. I replaced water with fizzy pop and I suffered! My skin was no longer hydrated, it felt dry and my chin suffered an influx of mountain sized spots!


So, I have picked up the Fill & Go Bottle and positioned it on my desk for the last week or so back at work and oh my word, how I love my bottle. Having it right there means that I don’t forget to drink it, and it does make me feel good. It is great to have fresh tasting water on tap (or bottle).

I just need to remember to bring it home at the weekend to continue the good work!!

I love my Fill & Go – give it a go!


Disclaimer: I was sent the bottle and jug for the purpose of the review, I always remain honest.

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marella__lum_alpha_blueFebruary is that month that people tend to lose sight of their healthy New Years Resolutions, hide away from the cold wintery feeling that comes just before spring and use comfort food as the only way forward!

Add to this the fact that I came down hard with the flu this week and it is is taking a few days to get back to full health, I really need something that is going to help me feel better!

It seems Water is the answer……Cue Brita and their ‘Wet February’.

It is recommended that everyone drinks 1.2 litres of fluid a day. Water seems to be the best option, it quenches thirst, it is good for your skin, it hydrates you and it has no calories!


So I am taking up the challenge, I am going to drink the recommended amount of water and see how I feel!

I normally don’t drink a lot through the day aside some coffee, but BRITA have two products that are going to make it easier to, the Marella Jug for home and the Fill & Go bottle for when i am at work or out enjoying myself! So here goes, update soon!


Disclaimer: I have been set the Marella Jug and the Fill & Go for the purpose of this challenge

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What a week, sorry for the lack of posts but the household has well and truly been knocked off it’s feet!  I have always believed I have had flu before, well everyone has haven’t they, a few aches, a few pains, shivering – well I can well and truly say, what I have experienced before is bad colds, pre-flu, a few migraines on top of colds but not flu!

This week I have had the Flu!

It started last Sunday with the shivering, a couple of days after Monkey had, had temperature, I was expecting a day of being poorly and then that would be it, right?


It went from shivering, to aching, to stiff joints to PAIN! I have spent all week in bed or wanting to be in bed! It has hurt!

Alongside me each of the other three have had illness too, temperatures, aches, coughs, snot – Yuck!

Thankfully the Children are better, but that does mean they have been hit by a whole other syndrome; the ‘I am so bored I am going to be extra loud, extra sensitive, so extra bored I can’t do anything but bounce on whatever furniture you are resting on and demand that you play something…anything with me even though you can’t move’ syndrome!

Usually when one of me or Daddy are ill the other one takes the reins, but this week we have both been pretty rotten. To be fair to Daddy he has picked up the carer role as he could at least get out of bed with one eye closed and if he walked slowly.  He has looked after us all, but it has been hard to entertain the kids.

I have made it out of bed but still feel sick, dizzy and wiped out now. I have added guilt that I always moan I don’t have enough time to play with the kids and now I can’t do anything to entertain them. I asked on Twitter what to do, the answer was a expected, resounding and already tried ‘use the tv’. Problem is too much and they seem to get grumpy, fidgety and even more demanding!

How do you entertain your kids when you are ill?

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Shock Absorber has launched its “#Get Out There” campaign to promote the benefits of exercising in the great outdoors and encourage women to share their inspirational places to train.  By uploading photos to the campaign’s Facebook page, people can be inspired by others’ experiences and get out there to try new locations for themselves.

Shock Absorber’s Kirsty Kothakota comments: “Many women have their favourite exercise location which gives their workout that extra boost. The aim of our ‘#Get Out There’ campaign is to provide a nationwide picture of inspirational and accessible green exercise places. Research shows participants work harder when exercising outdoors so it is important women wear the right sports bra. A Shock Absorber sports bra will give them the support they need, helping to further boost performance and confidence”.

You can view inspirational locations and participate in the campaign (for a chance to win daily prizes!) by visiting getoutthere.shockabsorber.co.uk but hurry, the competition ends on 19th June 2012!

News on my getting fit and More from Shock Absorber including a competition coming to the blog soon

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That’s it!

Anyone else have them days where you just think – that’s it, I’ve had enough, I give up! Well today is that day for me!

After a month of illness, me with Labyrithitis, both kids with conjunctivitis, followed by two migraines for hubby and some colds! Last night we were up all night with Baby mouse being sick!

So That’s It! I have had enough, I give up, any more to send our way?

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