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In every child’s life there is a toy that becomes a friend and in our house that toy is Mette (although her name has been changed to Sally by Mouse).

Mette is a little scamp doll from Haba, a fully material doll with lovely colours, fun clothing and a wonderful air of quality. She is very well made and even after having been flung about and being cuddled to within an inch of her being, the seams are well and truly secure.  She is beautiful with a shock of orange hair (much to Monkey’s delight as it matches his) and is lovely and soft!

Mette has provided endless amount of fun and is great for inspiring imagination!

The best bit for Mummy is that she is also washable!

Mouse has danced, played, sang, cuddled and more with her new found friend and I think she will be a member of the family for a long time to come!!

Watch our review here:


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Guess what I saw this weekend?  Something I have not seen for months, it was bright and warm and so beautiful! You guessed it, it was the sun!

I am sure you can all guess what sun means to Monkey and Mouse too, extra outdoor play! We have had some additions to the garden recently, so it was definitely time to hit the garden and have some fun!

They were in and out the play house, playing ball and in the sand pit. The Toadstool has sent us some sand toys from Haba to ‘Toad Test’, so this was the perfect opportunity!

Sand Toys HabaWe were sent some ‘food’ type toys and the kids couldn’t wait to get playing with them. We had a real meal to get through, Pizza, Chips and cakes, we even had a shaker for toppings!

The kids enjoyed it so, so much and mummy enjoyed her tray of sand cakes! They are all very easy to use, and made well, they are plastic but pretty. The only thing is if your sand is too wet and clumpy the shaker doesn’t work as well, but this hasn’t deterred the kids at all!

The toys have stayed out in the sand box for a few days and are still in perfect condition!

These are ideal toys for getting kids into the garden and they don’t break the bank either, they develop imagination, motor skills and interaction between family members! I have never seen this type of sand toy before, they are so unique and the kids are going mad for them – they want to know if we can get big cakes and sauce to finish of the meal!

Toys of sand

The Toadstool are running a competition to win £20.00 of fantastic Haba Summer toys so head over to the a Rafflecopter giveaway to enter!


Disclaimer: We were sent the sand toys by The Toadstool for the purpose of this review, we always remain honest.

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I have to start of by saying that the Large Play Set on the Farm is another brilliant toy from HABA.

The toy features 22 wooden characters including farmer, animals, tractor and trees that all come in a strong cardboard box! The box doubles up as part of the play set and becomes the farm house! When I got this out the kids eyes were full of excitement when we opened this up, they just wanted to get on and play straight away!

The wooden pieces are beautifully made, smooth edges and lovely colours, they are a perfect size for grasping and are durable enough to be played with!  The box, although made of cardboard seems sturdy enough to take the play and is great for storage too!

Both Mouse (2) and Legs (4) enjoyed playing with it (together I may add, yep they shared it!!), the box says 18 Months plus and I think that is a good guide! It could be bought for younger child though, as the pieces are so lovely, it could be displayed in the nursery until they are old enough to play!

The thing I love most about this toy is that it is great for imaginative play and it isn’t full of buttons to make things happen! The children can use it as an aid in their games and they have to make the noises themselves, create the conversations and develop their story….

The kids love it too, a great addition to anyones toy box and would make a lovely gift too.

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We were sent The fabric fluffy friend by Haba to review, the set includes three 2-piece puzzles, a lion, a crocodile and a kangaroo! They are beautiful to look at, very brightly coloured and so soft! Each animal puzzle is made up of two easy to put together pieces, each puzzle also makes a different noise!

Legs who is 3 yrs had a little look at the puzzles but then passed them over to Mouse who is 22 months, she loved these when they first came out of the box, but the novelty for her soon did wear off, they are a little on the young side for her.

We passed them onto a friends daughter who is 8 months and she absolutely loves them, they are a big hit! I would recommend this set for the younger child, it would make a lovely gift!


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I have been sent another lovely package by Haba and once again we have had fun! The first item out of the box was ‘My Very First Games, First Orchard’; which is a game suitable for 2 years plus and is very easy to play!

The idea is that the players work together, while taking turns to win the game! It helps with recognising colours and understanding rules, and the play pieces are lovely! The idea is to clear the fruit from your orchard before the bird gets to it!

We had a game all together just after it arrived, Mouse (18months) didn’t really understand the aim, but was more than happy to take turns rolling the dice! I am sure in 6 months time when she is 2 she will be fine with it!

Legs (3) loves it, he is always asking to play it and wants to set it up, in fact he is quite happy to play by himself, rolling the dice and trying to beat the bird, but he prefers to play with someone and is more than happy to take turns!

The fruit pieces are made from wood so are very sturdy and the paint seems to be good too, it doesn’t look as though it would chip easily (the pieces have been dropped here and are fine!). The basket for collecting the fruit and the orchard pieces are cardboard, but will last during play!

We are very happy to have this game as an addition to our games cupboard and I am sure it will be played many times more and would recommend!

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I have been sent the Coloured Building Blocks Maxi by Haba for review and I was so happy to receive them, children I know love building (and knocking down!)

On entering the room with the box, Legs (3yr) was literally jumping up and down with excitement and Mouse (1yr) was soon swept up in the fun and both were squealing with delight when we actually opened the box to reveal a lovely reusable fabric bag holding even lovelier coloured blocks! They couldn’t wait to get them spread over the floor and start playing!

We set to building straight away, towers, castles, bridges, skylines the lot, we had so much fun and the kids didn’t want them to go away at bedtime!

The blocks themselves are fab, well-made, colourful, safe and perfect at what they are for, they are fine for knocking down too! You even get four special acrylic see through blocks, which Legs loved!  It comes with 54 pieces, which is a great set to have, enough to build a really good structure, but you can always add more!

The colours are bright and attractive and this is one of the best sets of building blocks I have seen! They encourage construction, shape awareness and in our case playing together too!

They state on the box ages 1-8, which I was a little dubious about as normally my two like different types of toys and there is only 2 years between them. I needn’t have worried they both loved these and my 6 year old nephew enjoyed building with them too!

This set definitely receives a massive thumbs up from the household, in fact Legs says they are ‘Amazing’


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As a Haba Ambassador I have been ask to review these Fabric blocks

I know what you are thinking – ‘How cute are they?!’, I know this because that is exactly what I thought when they arrived!  There is a set of three soft animals, which have velcro between their body and heads, to enable you to swap the parts and mix and match, make yourself a Ele-raffe! The detail is perfect and they are fairly unique ot what I have seen from other companies.

On the box it says they are suitable from 10 months and I would agree that this is a perfect age, the blocks are soft, safe, a lovely size and very pleasing on the eyes, fabulous colours and they are a wonderful set.

I really think these would make a lovely gift for a baby, as a new baby gift to be played with later, or for a first christmas pressie, something they will like and that they can play with, they are ideal as first building blocks, and can encourage role play too (Mummy and daddy may have to help with animal noises)!

They are very baby friendly and get a big thumbs up from our household, they are definitely on my list of ideas for gifts in the future!

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