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Everyone knows that we have been impressed by Orchard Toys before, so recently when we were getting over that nasty bout of flu, we got out the New ‘On the Farm, Giant Jigsaw Playmat‘ from Orchard Toys in the hope that it would keep the attention of the Monkey and the Mouse long enough for us to sit down and have a drink!


The Playmat is made up of 14 jigsaw pieces that fit perfectly together to give you the Farm!  The pieces are a great size! They are made of a thick durable cardboard and fit together really easily! Mouse who is 2 years old can build it on her own!

There are 12 characters include; tractor, people and animals, they all stand up too! It is a fab set and playable as a stand alone toy!

There is a massive added bonus that the playmat can also be linked to the Giant Road Jigsaw (which we already have) and it doubles the playing space!


Well, we wanted it to entertain the Monkey and the Mouse and boy did it?!  Our living room became and city, all kind of figures and cars joined the game! The kids absolutely love it, and each time it is set up, it is set up slightly different. They can play with it for ages!


There is so much play to have and it encourages the imagination of both the kids and of Mummy and Daddy too! It is certainly a fab addition to the games shelf and I am 100% positive it will get played with over and over again!


Disclaimer: We were provided with the ‘On The Farm’ Giant Jigsaw Playmat for the purpose of this review; this does not affect our review, we remain honest at all times!

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Our house is beginning to become slightly obsessed with Dancing games on our Wii. They are fun, the whole family can play and they are simple enough to join in!

The latest addition to our collection is Just Dance Disney Party and boy do we love it! There are 25 songs from films and tv shows that I am sure you will know and love!


Legs and Mouse love the dancing games we have had before, but the added bonus of this one is they know the songs too! The videos are great to watch, they are super  bright and colourful!

As you would hope the game is very easy to play! You hold the wii control in your right hand and the follow the dance moves on screen! Legs found it easy to follow and really enjoyed it, wanting ‘just one more song’ over and over! Mouse is only 2 and a half but still enjoyed joining in, she followed the moves as best she could and still scored points!

The best thing is that disney being what it is, most people will know most of the songs! There are classic (e.g. bare necessities from jungle book) in there for Granny and Gramps to join in too!

An awesome game for a birthday party, for Christmas Day, for a weekend…..well for any day! So if you are looking for something for the kids this Christmas for a present or just something for you all to do, we would definite recommend you pick up a copy of Just Dance Disney Party!

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We have previously been lucky enough to review Just Dance Kids which we loved, so when asked if we were up to trying out the Just Dance 4, we of course said yes, because Grown ups like to dance too!

Containing over 40 tracks of fab music, this game is fab! The tunes include the Time Warp, Will Smith, Pink and Flo Rida, a real mix, I think oct people could find something they would enjoy! You can use it for a party, night in with the family and even for a bit of healthy exercise just for you!

Although similar to the previous games, it features new songs, game modes and dance moves. The brand new battle mode will show who is the champion out of you and your friends and the just sweat mode gives you a great dance workout!

The game is very easy to set up, and even easier to play and have fun with! Even playing alone you can get a little competitive trying to beat old scores!

Just Dance 4

With a certain celebration coming up (yes the C word), this is a perfect game for the list for Father Christmas. Something that you can use to keep yourself smiling, to have fun with the family, to bring out after a glass of wine with friends and even to assist the healthy lifestyle in the new year!

Brilliant game, Brilliant fun!

Go, Dance and be happy!

Disclaimer: I was sent a copy of this game and a fab personalised tshirt for the purpose of the review, however, my opinions are honest!

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Match and Count from Orchard Toys is a First Counting Puzzle. You get 20 2 piece puzzles in the box and they are fab!

The colours are bright, the pictures are lovely and the cardboard is sturdy!  It is an easy game and educational too!

Here is our review:

Disclaimer: I was sent the Match and Count game for the purpose of this review, all opinions are completely honest!

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A board game from Orchard Toys, Three Little Pigs is aimed at ages 3-6 year olds and it is fab! It is a board game and the aim is to build your three houses (one of straw, one of sticks and one of brick) before making your way to the safe house in the middle to win!

The main playing board is actually a jigsaw so the fun starts before you have started to play with putting together the bits! It is a turn taking game where you roll the dice and collect the materials for your houses, each house has two bits and are easy to put together. There is a wolf that might get in your way though, land on him and you have to spin the spinner – he then ‘huffs and puffs’ and may take a piece away!

The pieces are made from a sturdy cardboard, nice and thick and not easy to damage! Monkey and I played this game three times in a row, it is long enough to entertain and short enough to keep the interest!

Monkey said it was the best game he had and that he wanted to play it again (and again and again).  In the end I had to tag team Daddy so I had a break!

This game is brilliant, easy to play, nice and colourful, strong and most of all fun!

Disclaimer: I was sent this game for the purpose of a review for Orchard Toys as part of the IzziwizziKids.co.uk Playfest, however this has no bearing on the review and all opinions are honest!

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Farmyard Dominoes from Orchard Toys is a perfect first dominoes game for any little one, the pieces are bright and colourful and the animal illustrations are easily recognisable. There are 28 cards made from sturdy cardboard; they are not daily bent and appear to be wipe clean!

Educational Information

Encourages observation

Develops personal and social skills

Links with Early Learning Goals in Creative Development and Understanding of the World

The game is great for encouraging matching skills and turn taking! We added in making the animal noises when you made a match too just for fun!

The age guide for the game is 3-6 and this is about right, 2 year old Mouse did join in and enjoyed playing but it took a couple games for her to getting the lining up (although the matching part she got straight away!).  We have really enjoyed playing this as a family and would recommend to others!

The game retails for £9.50 and I think you will definitely get your money’s worth!

Disclaimer: I was sent this game for the purpose of a review for Orchard Toys as part of the IzziwizziKids.co.uk Playfest, however this has no bearing on the review and all opinions are honest!

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Old MacDonald Lotto is a Fun Farmyard game from Orchard Toys. In the box there are four players boards, four farmer cards and  24 farmyard cards.  Each player has a board and all the farmyard cards are placed face down, the farmers cards are also placed faced down separately.  Each players takes their go to pick a farmyard card and try it over, if it doesn’t match the card is placed back and the player who needs it try’s to remember where it is. If it matches a picture on your board, you place is on top and then do a noise or action to match the picture!

Once the six farmyard pictures are covered on your board you move on to the farmers cards to find the one that matches your board!  The winner is the one who completes their board first!

Learning Guide

Reinforces object matching skills

Encourages observation and memory skills

Develops social communication

Links with Early Learning Goals and National Curriculum Literacy Key Stage 1

Another brilliant matching game, with the added fun of quacks, brum brum and other farmyard noises! Monkey (4 Years) and Mouse (2 years) absolutely loved this game. We had so much fun matching the pictures, laughing when we picked someone else, making noises and doing actions and trying to remember where cards on!

Retailing at £9.50 I believe you will get your money’s worth, the laughs and fun we had together as a whole family was certainly worth it!

Disclaimer: I was sent this game for the purpose of a review for Orchard Toys as part of the IzziwizziKids.co.uk Playfest, however this has no bearing on the review and all opinions are honest!

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