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Guess what I saw this weekend?  Something I have not seen for months, it was bright and warm and so beautiful! You guessed it, it was the sun!

I am sure you can all guess what sun means to Monkey and Mouse too, extra outdoor play! We have had some additions to the garden recently, so it was definitely time to hit the garden and have some fun!

They were in and out the play house, playing ball and in the sand pit. The Toadstool has sent us some sand toys from Haba to ‘Toad Test’, so this was the perfect opportunity!

Sand Toys HabaWe were sent some ‘food’ type toys and the kids couldn’t wait to get playing with them. We had a real meal to get through, Pizza, Chips and cakes, we even had a shaker for toppings!

The kids enjoyed it so, so much and mummy enjoyed her tray of sand cakes! They are all very easy to use, and made well, they are plastic but pretty. The only thing is if your sand is too wet and clumpy the shaker doesn’t work as well, but this hasn’t deterred the kids at all!

The toys have stayed out in the sand box for a few days and are still in perfect condition!

These are ideal toys for getting kids into the garden and they don’t break the bank either, they develop imagination, motor skills and interaction between family members! I have never seen this type of sand toy before, they are so unique and the kids are going mad for them – they want to know if we can get big cakes and sauce to finish of the meal!

Toys of sand

The Toadstool are running a competition to win £20.00 of fantastic Haba Summer toys so head over to the a Rafflecopter giveaway to enter!


Disclaimer: We were sent the sand toys by The Toadstool for the purpose of this review, we always remain honest.

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IMG_20130419_184934It may have been someones birthday this weekend, someone who doesn’t like big fusses or even really acknowledging that it is happening! But on this particular birthday this year, someone may have had an awesome time, may have even enjoyed it! (Don’t worry there will be a bigger blog post about the awesomeness!). Just thought I would share a little taster, well actually a big tasty ‘oh my word, I want it again’ taster of the day!

Team Lloyd

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A strange one maybe, but the last few days have been spent mostly preparing for a joint birthday party for Monkey and Mouse including the food! There was so much to do and this was just a part of it!

Team Lloyd

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It’s half term, I have had some time of work and I have done lots of fun stuff with the kids. but I have found myself saying ‘I need a cuppa’ more than once (a day) after a spot of entertaining Monkey and Mouse!

Through the magical world of social media I have noticed I am not alone, Mums, Dads, Grandparents and carers across the country have been saying a similar phrase after a hard days half terming!

Our household is a massive hot beverage drinking house anyway, bad news, goods news, middle of the road news all are met with the kettle being clicked on!

We have drank Tetley many times before and enjoy a variety of their  Teas (including Green and Blend of Both).

Tetley have got a new one for you to enjoy, Tetley Estate Selection is hand-picked at high altitude from some of the finest tea estates around Mount Kenya in the Great Rift Valley region to give you a tea that makes you feel like you are drinking a little bit of luxury!  It is Smooth, crisp and delicious, it is Tea only better!

This half term it has been so nice to click the kettle on, grab the dunking biscuits and sit down at the end of the day and reflect on the success of another half term day survived! So after a hard day of crafting, swing pushing and cake baking, why not try it!? You deserve a little bit of luxury!


Disclaimer: We were sent Tea and Biscuits for the purpose of this review, all opinions are honest

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You can order most things online and get them delivered directly to your door now, clothes, groceries, gifts. Do you like it? I love internet shopping, i love the convenience, I love being able to order a gift and get it delivered direct to the person if need be, I love it!

What about ordering a cake through the post though? I have to admit when I was asked to have a taste of Baker Days Valentines Letterbox cake I was sceptical, how on earth could a cake travel through the mail, enter your house through the letterbox and be tasty and in one piece?

Well I was about to find out!

So, I put in my order for a beautiful looking personalised valentine cake and sat back and waited!


So what happened next? Well, you will never believe it, but a white box came through the letterbox, yep actually through the letterbox and landed on the mat! In the box was a small card, a packet of love hearts and a round cake tin that said just for you on it! I was worried about opening the tin, would I find a cake in there or would it be something that once was a cake?

bakerDays Cake

Much to our pleasure it was indeed a cake, and not the tiny cake you would expect from the way it had travelled, you could get 4 decent sized slices (maybe more depending on how you cut!)  and added to that; an absolutely gorgeous smelling cake at that. As soon as I open the tin the smell hit me and it made me want to eat the cake straight away, yum! The cake was a surprise for hubby, and he was impressed! The writing on it was perfect, the picture great and the fact it had come in the post really made him smile!

So it had passed the letterbox test and the attractiveness test, so there was only one real test left – the taste test! We cut into the cake, shared it out (well we all had to test) and drooled a little….it was delicious! bakerDays Cake two

To say the cake had survived the journey is an understatement, it was in one piece, moist and tasty! It was fantastic, Monkey and the Mouse both had some and enjoyed it and Hubby thought I was the best wife ever (well he thinks that anyway, but the cake got me brownie points!).  There was a small bit left that Hubby had a couple of days later and he said it was still good, hadn’t dried out at all!

This is a unique idea, something I have never seen before and something I thought wouldn’t work, but actually I have tried it and I like it! The fact you can send someone a cake even if you can’t be with them for a special occasion is brilliant! There are over 400 designs and your choice doesn’t stop there, you can have sponge, carrot, gluten free and more!

So for valentines this year, consider sending a cake – it will be worth it!

We were sent the cake for the purpose of this review, all thoughts are honest

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foody blogYep, I would love to be a domestic goddess.

I want to be a mummy who’s house is tidy (although not too much as kids do live here you know), I want to have matching furniture in the right place and I want to have a bathroom that gleams and stays gleaming!

But what I really want to be able to do is make food, proper food, actually get out the cook books (that I own many) and make meals for the family, full on delicious recipes and puddings to drool over!

Don’t get me wrong, I can make meal, I have a repertoire of Spaghetti Bolognaise, Chilli, Pizza and Fajitas!  When I have a spare few minutes I can even muster up a banana cake to follow the main course!

I want to make caramelised vegetable tart, curries from scratch, lemon meringue and black forest gateaux! I want to serve up three course dinners fit for royalty and stuff that makes the kids say – oh my, mummy makes the best….whatever!

My main issue seems to be time, working all day, wanting to spend every second at home with the kids and hubby seems to only leave time for waffles or pasta! Daddy does help, he cooks most days to be honest, but I feel I should be doing it, actually no, scrap that it’s not that i should be, it’s that I want to be, I want to  make the house smell of ginger biscuits, apple and cinnamon cake and more!

So come on folks, help me out – how do you do it? How do you maintain day to day life with being a domestic goddess? Or if you don’t do you have budget, easy and quick, yet delicious recipes to share?



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Silent Sunday


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