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I have been lucky enough to have been testing the Graco Nautilus Group1-2-3 Carseat, so I thought I would do a summary type review of all aspects!  My 2 year old toddler, ‘Legs’ as he is known to us, has been the guinea pig sat in the chair, so here goes – review a go-go!

Set Up
Once the box had arrived and was opened, it was a very simple setting up procedure, a couple of clicks and we were ready to go!

Actually getting the seat into our car was a minor challenge due to the size of our car, but once in the door the fitting was easy as 1,2,3

Legs loves his chair (which he still calls his ‘new chair!’) and the other day on getting in it he said ‘ooo comfy!’

All seems great, and so far (thankfully) we haven’t had the opportunity to fully test the safety of the seat (and am hoping we won’t have to)

If you have read my previous ‘Forced Post’ you will know that I had to clean the covers of the chair, and it all went very well!

We haven’t had a problem with the chair whilst travelling, it is comfy, secure and loved by Legs!

Added Features
Cup Holder – Winner, Legs was most impressed with the cup holder when the chair arrived and still is! It has held cups, food, sunglasses and even Timmy the sheep has sat in it for a ride!
Storage Compartments – very nice and will hold small objects
Recline – Unfortunately doesn’t recline quite as much as I would of liked, when legs has fallen asleep in the chair, his head tends to fall forward and it has not been possible to get it to stay against the back/headrest

1. Looks good 2. Simple set up and fitting 3. Comfy 4. Grows with the child (up to 12 years old) 5. Easy to clean 6. Easy to follow instructions

1. Recline does not recline as much as we would of liked! 2. The straps got a bit twisted sometimes (although also rectified themselves!)

Thumbs up all round from Mummy, Daddy and Legs!

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So part two of our Nautilus journey, the fitting stage. This for me was easy, as I got my hubby to do it!

On watching him complete the task at hand, there were a few words used that he doesn’t normally say, especially when talking about assembling something:

Instructions – My hubby, in true style of most men, usually side steps the instructions preferring to guess how something goes together, however as we are testing the Nautilus he thought he would do it properly and check them out. On looking at them he swiftly got on with putting the chair together, the instructions were not too long and were easy to follow!

Easy – Having found the instruction booklet fine, we were led onto the putting together stage and after a very simple clicking in the upright position and a clicking of the headrest into place the stage was completed – Easy!

Useful – On the chair itself there are some picture instructions of putting it into the car, far more useful than trying to stand there with the book in one hand and chair in the other

Hmmmm – Well, this is where it got a little tricky, our car, in the politest of ways, is more a family car for mice than elephants, small is the correct term I suppose, but we prefer cute!! Anyway, looking at the Nautilus and the car you would think, no way! The fitting was a little tricky, but this says more about the car than the carseat. Once hubby had positioned himself right the chair was fitted and ready to go!

Done – The ‘there it’s done’ came a lot quicker than I had expected, I truely expected some grunts and groans about putting it all together, but they didn’t come!

Simples – A word that is rarely used by hubby! But it summed up the experience of putting the chair together and into the car

We are now ready for traveling, keep your eyes peeled for a trip with us very soon!

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