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Lots of people have done their Cybermummy Posts, so here is mine!

I was sponsored by the wonderful BuggyTug to attend Cybermummy and I am so grateful for the support that I was more than happy to wave the BuggyTug flag, of course it helped that it is a fab product that I like!

I went down on the Friday and met up with the lovely Carol from ‘Dance without sleeping’ at the station and she helped me navigate my way through the tube and to the lovely hotel!

I got myself checked in, had some food and settled down for the night in my big comfy bed (that is the kind of thing you should be able to take home from the hotel), well I had a long day ahead!

So I rose nice and early on the big day, ate my lovely healthy breakfast and headed to the reception, I found some other mummy bloggers and off we went to find the venue for the day – The Brewery.  We walked the streets London and knew we had found the place when saw a group of people and heard some very friendly chatter!

On entering the building we were greeted by a goody bag and a huge dinosaur and the buzz was awesome, yep the tone for the day was really set! I met up with Louise from Baby Signing Mummy and we headed inside, the first two stops we made were very important – coffee and the Disney Stand!

We then went ahead with the day, attending sessions, talking to brands, meeting bloggers and generally having a fab time! My highlights include:

Sarah Brown – Yep Mrs Gordon Brown did a talk and it was fab, she is so down to earth (Normal not ordinary), a mum who’s priorities are her kids and even though she doesn’t blog I think most of us related to her in some way!

Vlogging Session – what an inspiring talk, and I have to say My Daddy Cooks is fab, he made it sound so easy!

Brands – It was so interesting to chat to different brands about what they do, products they have and how they might work with bloggers in the future! There was also the added bonus of the goodies they were handing out, I was able to give some to my hubby and kids, some to the Surestart centre I work for and even had a couple of treats for me too!

Bloggers – Intelligent, funny, short, beautiful, writers, talkers, performers and more – what a brilliant bunch of people!

I had a fantastic time and a massive thank you goes out to BuggyTug for the sponsor, for my ticket for my plush hotel room and for having a fab product for me to talk about!


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I was flicking through the latest issue of my Prima Baby and Pregnancy magazine and saw my lovely Cybermummy Sponsor.

PB loves Buggy Tug and so do I!



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Carly over at Mummy Shoes is hosting a Meet and Greet for Cybermummy, I think it is a great idea so here is me!

I am going to Cybermummy sponsored by Buggytug

Name: Kelly (Kel) Brett

Blog: Writings, Ramblings and Reviews ( and Piddley Pix – The Blog )

Twitter ID: @MoolBoots

Height: 5ft 2 and a half (the half is very important!!)

Hair: Very Straight and Blonde

Eyes: Blue

Likes: Mexican Food, Cheese, Crisps, Reading, Films, Family Days out, Cuddles, Poems, Photography and Writing!

Dislikes: Rude people, Mushrooms, Orange Cars (Not sure why), Big Brother, people who lie and Daddy Long Legs!

A day I made an effort!

Leave your links so I can meet you too!

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You may have seen that I was looking for someone to sponsor me to go to Cybermummy (Parent bloggers Conference). I really wanted to go and knew that I really wanted to work with a company whose product complimented my life as a mummy and my blog.

I was over the moon when I got an offer from Diane Mayze who’s company does just that, so I am really pleased to introduce you to my Sponsor for Cybermummy.

Buggy Tug is the UK’s first pram wrist strap, it is designed so if you do happen to take your hands off the pram for whatever reason the pram will not roll away from you! The straps are very simple, made of a comfy material that connects to your pram and slips on your wrist!

You can find out more on their website and don’t forget to follow on Twitter too!

Di is lovely and not only runs Buggy Tug but also a lovely little Cafe in Nottingham. Up is where I met up with Diane and it is definitely worth a visit if you are in the area, it is homely and has lots on offer!  I am really chuffed that Di is sponsoring me to go to Cybermummy and am looking forward to working with her and Buggy Tug!

Look out for a follow up post soon to give you more info about the Buggy Tug itself, I just wanted to introduce you all to my lovely sponsor!

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I am looking for sponsership to attend the the UK’s premier blogging conference devoted to parent bloggers, which is CyberMummy!

First a bit about me, I am married and a mum to two bundles of joy, a fab 2 and a half year old boy and a lovely 9 month old girl, and this is my blog! Writings, Ramblings and Reviews is exactly what the title says, a place where I talk about me, my family and life. I also post reviews and when I am feeling brave I share my poems/writings! I also blog over at ‘Piddley Pix – The Blog!‘ for the small business I run!

I really really want to go to CyberMummy, I think it would be amazing for me and both of my blogs, it will enhance what I do and enable me to improve my support of others through the blog!

I would love to find sponsorship to attend the conference, not only for me, but for you too, I would love to work with a brand/company that I believe in and that compliments my life/blog as a ‘Mummy’!

The event is to be held in London on 25th June 2011, for sponsorship I am looking for

  • Ticket to CyberMummy – £100.00
  • Travel to the conference – £100.00
  • Hotel (due to the distance I live away I will need 2 nights) – £180.00

and what you will get in return

  • Me exclusively for you – I will only represent and promote one brand/company
  • On the day I am happy to wear anything you supply showing who sponsored me (e.g. badge, tshirt etc)
  • Blog post (on both blogs) Introducing you as my sponsor
  • Advert/Badge (Including link to your website) on the front page of both blogs and my online Shop website Piddley Pix (From sponsorship date until a Month after the conference)
  • A mention in any post (anywhere) I make about CyberMummy 2011
  • Promotion on Twitter and Facebook
  • Exposure to my readers, twitter followers, facebook friends and many Cyber Mummies!

I am also happy to review any items/services you want and will enjoy promoting you to the masses and will be more than willing to write a guest post for your blog or article for your site if you would like!

Please contact me if you want anymore information or are interested in sponsoring me – I look forward to hearing from you.  Contact me on Twitter @MoolBoots or @PiddleyPix or email kelly@piddleypix.com

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