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We are coming to the end of our ‘test period’ with our Maclaren products, so here we are to wrap up with a final round up of what we think.

Maclaren Junior Techno xt

The toddler (Legs) was lucky enough to receive this pushchair, and as soon as it arrived he loved it, there were no worries of it being a ‘girl’s toy’ at all – probably because he sees Daddy pushing around his baby sister (Mouse) in a pushchair.

Legs loves that it is a ‘real life’ toy, he feels grown up playing with it and it is so cute watching him act all parent like with his toys as he takes them for a walk, he puts his shopping in the basket and lies them down when they have fallen asleep.

The Novelty hasn’t warn off at all, I was have expecting it to fall by the wayside – as toys often do when new toys arrive over Christmas, but it is the perfect accessory to the new toys! He can use it to take Loopy to the shop (He got a till) or Sweetie Pie can sit in it to watch the Big Gig (he also got a guitar)!

It seems this is one of them toys that will go on and on, the play will just adapt and it will grow with him!

Both Mummy and Daddy loved it too. Daddy because it is so easy to put together, Mummy because it is so realistic without being complicated, and it keeps the children happy for hours; even the Mouse at 9 months old likes to have a look and putting things in and out the basket!

A definite Thumbs up from us!

Beginning…………..by Maclaren Travel Kit for Baby

Mouse was a perfect tester for this gift set of trial sized products, it is hard for her to tell me exactly what she thinks being so young, but I can happily tell you she loved the products!

As you will have seen from our previous review, the first day we used the items she slept though the night for the first time in six months – bliss, and I would say they have had a calming effect since too! The smell is lovely, they are easy to use and we will definitely keep using them!

The talc and nappy cream is in the changing bag from a visit to the in-laws, well I wanted to make sure we had something with us as we rushed out the door on a impromptu visit! In fact from now on a couple of items will live in the bathroom and a couple in the bag, so wherever we are, we will have them to hand!

Another definite thumbs up!!

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My son (2.5 year old Legs) LOVES books, he has done from a very young age, when he was just months old he would get a book and turn the pages looking intently at the pictures, books have also been a very big part of the bedtime routine with him, so when I saw reviewers were needed for the book ‘Ping and Pong – Splash‘ I jumped at the chance, we are always looking for new stories to read!

The book follows Ping and Pong (brother and sister) and their best friend Lucy, it is very attractive – I love the fact the illustrations have the hand drawn touch! As soon as legs saw it he wanted to read it! On first flicking through it, I was slightly worried that it may be too long for a 2 and a half year old. Well I needn’t of worried, Legs sat and listened to the whole thing and then said ‘read it again!’.

The story is nice and I think toddlers and children can relate to it equally – Ping and Pong love doing the things they do! The only problem I have now is Legs wants to read the book more than once a day – and however good a story is I like variety!

Ping and Pong is written by Amy Trevaskus You can join them on Facebook and buy the book here


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Many of you know I am a mum to two little darlings, what many of you won’t know is I am on the Parent Committee for a local Charity Playgroup!

Legs (my 2.5 yr old) goes to Sherwood Playgroup It is a lovely group and has really benefitted him in a variety of ways and he loves going (we even have to play nursery at home!)!

There are over 60 children who attend the group throughout the week! It is very affordable for parents (lower fees than I have seen elsewhere), provides a wonderful learning atmosphere for the children and has a great Ofsted report! As a registered charity (No. 1004373), it really does rely on additional funds to the fees parents pay, these are normally gained through grants and fundraising!

The parent’s committee raise and manage funds for the playgroup and we are currently hoping to organise a Christmas Party (including visit and presents from Santa) for the children and to buy some new Sensory equipment which the group is in need of)

So why am I blogging about it? Well, as the Playgroup is a charity we are low on funds, so are doing a fundraising day on 3rd December 2010 and we are looking for help from others……I know you may want to help so here are some ways you can

Donate something for our Raffle or Tombola

Provide food/drinks for the party

Provide presents for the Children!

We will be having a board up throughout December to display all donators details (so please include some business cards when sending anything!)

Please contact me on info@piddleypix.com if you can help, anything will be very gratefully received!!

On a slightly side note, I also have a friend who is collecting book and toy donations to give to the Lincoln Hospital Children’s ward for Christmas, so if you can help with this please contact me too (stating this is the cause you would like to help with!!)


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When you are a parent some things happen that can only be described as Sod’s Law, so here is a short list of Mummy and Daddy annoyances!

  1. Children only get really ill when the doctors is shut!
  2. A child who normally sleeps through anything will wake at the sound of the second child crying in the night, meaning you have to deal with two at the same time!
  3. The morning your child/ren sleep in till 9, you are wide awake at 5.30am
  4. The only drinks that get knocked over are dark coloured ones – light coloured non-staining ones are perfectly safe!
  5. You child will love the one TV programme you really really dislike!
  6. The children are up all night the one night you really need to sleep because you are up early for a meeting/presentation/important appointment
  7. You get an invite to the super duper ‘should not be missed’ party the one day you can no way get a babysitter!
  8. Your child/ren will inevitably want what they can’t have – the sandwich feeling you don’t have in, the Zingzillas when it’s not on, sleep when you are visiting people!
  9. The only toy they will want to play at 5 in the morning is the drums!
  10. The moment you get a moment to yourself, there is that much to do you don’t know where to start, and by the time you get going the children are back/awake/needing attention etc…….

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