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You can order most things online and get them delivered directly to your door now, clothes, groceries, gifts. Do you like it? I love internet shopping, i love the convenience, I love being able to order a gift and get it delivered direct to the person if need be, I love it!

What about ordering a cake through the post though? I have to admit when I was asked to have a taste of Baker Days Valentines Letterbox cake I was sceptical, how on earth could a cake travel through the mail, enter your house through the letterbox and be tasty and in one piece?

Well I was about to find out!

So, I put in my order for a beautiful looking personalised valentine cake and sat back and waited!


So what happened next? Well, you will never believe it, but a white box came through the letterbox, yep actually through the letterbox and landed on the mat! In the box was a small card, a packet of love hearts and a round cake tin that said just for you on it! I was worried about opening the tin, would I find a cake in there or would it be something that once was a cake?

bakerDays Cake

Much to our pleasure it was indeed a cake, and not the tiny cake you would expect from the way it had travelled, you could get 4 decent sized slices (maybe more depending on how you cut!)  and added to that; an absolutely gorgeous smelling cake at that. As soon as I open the tin the smell hit me and it made me want to eat the cake straight away, yum! The cake was a surprise for hubby, and he was impressed! The writing on it was perfect, the picture great and the fact it had come in the post really made him smile!

So it had passed the letterbox test and the attractiveness test, so there was only one real test left – the taste test! We cut into the cake, shared it out (well we all had to test) and drooled a little….it was delicious! bakerDays Cake two

To say the cake had survived the journey is an understatement, it was in one piece, moist and tasty! It was fantastic, Monkey and the Mouse both had some and enjoyed it and Hubby thought I was the best wife ever (well he thinks that anyway, but the cake got me brownie points!).  There was a small bit left that Hubby had a couple of days later and he said it was still good, hadn’t dried out at all!

This is a unique idea, something I have never seen before and something I thought wouldn’t work, but actually I have tried it and I like it! The fact you can send someone a cake even if you can’t be with them for a special occasion is brilliant! There are over 400 designs and your choice doesn’t stop there, you can have sponge, carrot, gluten free and more!

So for valentines this year, consider sending a cake – it will be worth it!

We were sent the cake for the purpose of this review, all thoughts are honest


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As a family who really isn’t into the whole halloween scene, I nearly said no when I was recently asked if I fancied giving Mr. Kipling’s Halloween range a try. But who am I kidding, it is cake, I can’t turn that down, and besides us mums do like things that are versatile and can be used on more than one occasion so I am a perfect tester really, can I be persuaded by Halloween products!

I eagerly awaited my cakes to arrive!

Seriously I know! *Drool*!!!

So I was sent some Mr Kipling ‘Shock and Orange’ slices. It is a box of 6 and each are individually wrapped, they are tangy orange flavoured sponge with chunks of fiendish dark chocolate and a delicious raspberry filling, and (the bit you really want to know) they taste great!

The great thing about these are that they are perfect for halloween, either for a party or a goody bag, they are equally as good for a non-halloween party, they are great for lunch boxes, picnics (maybe not this time of year) or even for mummies to eat on a train for breakfast (it only happened once!)

There are also fiendish fancies and a Monster fancy in the range and I will definitely be looking out to try them too!

Disclaimer: I was sent some shock and orange slices for the purpose of this review!

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Tonight’s Baking haul, yep all Banana!!

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Well I uses the title of this is the last time I get to call you baby! You are a big girl now, two years old, most definitely not a baby! You are much too independent to be called a baby anyway!

You have grown into a bright beautiful little girl and we consider you the princess of the family (even your brother called you a princess today!).  We have had a lovely day full of smiles and cuddles celebrating your day!

Happy Birthday Mouse!

Love you x

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Silent Sunday

Silent Sunday

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3rd Birthday!

Happy Birthday to my lovely son

All grown up at 3!

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