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IMAG0212A  picture this week taken on my phone! We celebrated my nephews 5th birthday and this guy was watching over us all whilst we were singing Happy Birthday!

Team Lloyd

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IMG_20130419_184934It may have been someones birthday this weekend, someone who doesn’t like big fusses or even really acknowledging that it is happening! But on this particular birthday this year, someone may have had an awesome time, may have even enjoyed it! (Don’t worry there will be a bigger blog post about the awesomeness!). Just thought I would share a little taster, well actually a big tasty ‘oh my word, I want it again’ taster of the day!

Team Lloyd

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At the end of March (within three days of each other) Monkey and Mouse had birthdays. With the parties and celebrating, work, holiday and more work I am only now getting to write this!  Mouse turned 3 and her older brother 5, I cant believe I no longer have a baby!

We did, however have a fantastic time celebrating! I managed to have the time off work; we had Pastries for Breakfast, a joint Fancy Dress party complete with bouncy castle and caterpillar jelly, time with family, lots of cuddles, food at Frankie and Benny’s and more! It was like a four day birthday!

Birthday Montage 2013

The kids had a whale of a time, I really enjoyed seeing them so smiley and really relishing their time with people they love, however I do of course have to get my head around them being another year older which is always tough!

Just a couple of quick notes to the kids!

Dear Monkey, my big 5 year old!

Happy Birthday, another year older and my how you have grown up in the last year! You started school in September and are doing amazingly well. You are so enthusiastic to learn and have made lots of friends! You are a very smart little boy especially with the way you have grasped Maths and reading! You can be serious, but that is you, always observing, always learning. When you play using your imagination it is amazing to see, your cheekiness keeps everyone smiling and when you really let go and laugh, you light up a room in a second! Keep smiling mister, you’re awesome and we love it!

Love you lots and always will, Mummy xx


Dear Mouse,

I can’t believe that you are now 3, no longer my baby! You started five mornings of nursery this term and you can’t wait to go every morning. You are developing so fast and are following your brother in your learning, another one who has a head for Maths! You are beautiful and your smile can make anyones day! You are so cuddly and always have a kiss (or seven) for Mummy and Daddy! Keep on being you mouse, you are awesome!

Love you lots and always will, Mummy xx

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A strange one maybe, but the last few days have been spent mostly preparing for a joint birthday party for Monkey and Mouse including the food! There was so much to do and this was just a part of it!

Team Lloyd

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Well I uses the title of this is the last time I get to call you baby! You are a big girl now, two years old, most definitely not a baby! You are much too independent to be called a baby anyway!

You have grown into a bright beautiful little girl and we consider you the princess of the family (even your brother called you a princess today!).  We have had a lovely day full of smiles and cuddles celebrating your day!

Happy Birthday Mouse!

Love you x

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Four years ago today, you arrived in our life and we became parents for the first time! You are growing into such a bright, funny little man and my heart swells each time you show me what an awesome person you are!

Today we have been on a spring detectives walk with school, opened pressies, have eaten cake and been out for hot dog and chips – you have loved every minute!

I am so proud of you and the way you are! Love you little man!

Happy Birthday!!

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If your children are like mine they will love Postman Pat and they will probably be happy to hear, that just like them he has a birthday!

On the 16th September 2011 Postman Pat is turning 30 and ‘Character Options’ is asking Children to send Pat a birthday card to celebrate.

For over thirty years Postman Pat and his black and white cat Jess have been delighting children around the world and has become one of the most loved pre-school characters ever created!  Children can now also carry on their adventures at home with the exciting toy range from Character Options!

Anyway, back to the birthday, if your child/ren want to send a birthday message/card/drawing to Postman Pat, they can be sent to

Postman Pat, Evolution PR, The Abbey Centrem Daventry, NN11 4XG

(Please note: all responses will be made via email, so please include a valid email address and your child’s name!)

Here is the best bit, as a thank you Postman Pat will respond to each of his letters/cards/pictures throughout September, giving your little ones a chance to receive a personal message from their favourite character!  I know several generations of my family have enjoyed Postman Pat, so we will definitely be sending Pat something to wish him a Happy Birthday!

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