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For the first time in a long time I have had the whole of Half Term off work. I have had lots of fun with the kids, we have crafted, watched films, been out and about and generally enjoyed time together!

For this weeks Photo of the Week I struggled to pick one photo, I have had so much fun that I wanted to show case all we have done in the week, so here I have one photo made up of more than one photo!


I am linking up with Team Lloyd’s Photo of the Week, head over there to look at more fab photos!

Team Lloyd

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foody blogYep, I would love to be a domestic goddess.

I want to be a mummy who’s house is tidy (although not too much as kids do live here you know), I want to have matching furniture in the right place and I want to have a bathroom that gleams and stays gleaming!

But what I really want to be able to do is make food, proper food, actually get out the cook books (that I own many) and make meals for the family, full on delicious recipes and puddings to drool over!

Don’t get me wrong, I can make meal, I have a repertoire of Spaghetti Bolognaise, Chilli, Pizza and Fajitas!  When I have a spare few minutes I can even muster up a banana cake to follow the main course!

I want to make caramelised vegetable tart, curries from scratch, lemon meringue and black forest gateaux! I want to serve up three course dinners fit for royalty and stuff that makes the kids say – oh my, mummy makes the best….whatever!

My main issue seems to be time, working all day, wanting to spend every second at home with the kids and hubby seems to only leave time for waffles or pasta! Daddy does help, he cooks most days to be honest, but I feel I should be doing it, actually no, scrap that it’s not that i should be, it’s that I want to be, I want to  make the house smell of ginger biscuits, apple and cinnamon cake and more!

So come on folks, help me out – how do you do it? How do you maintain day to day life with being a domestic goddess? Or if you don’t do you have budget, easy and quick, yet delicious recipes to share?



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Tonight’s Baking haul, yep all Banana!!

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Cillit Bang has launched a pioneering kitchen dispenser, the only product on the market to deliver sparkling dishes and gleaming surfaces in just one system. What better way to review this than to make a really messy recipe or two and test it! I was provided with some recipes from Great British Bake Off runner up Holly Bell!


Carrot Fritters sounded healthy (ish) and my kids love carrot! Sometimes it is difficult to find a new and interesting way to cook them, so I got together the ingredients (3 grated carrots, 1 egg, 1/2 teasp of baking powder, 2 tsbsp plain flour and Oil – not olive – for frying) and set about making them. Well there was a mess, carrot everywhere and lots of pots to wash including a dirty, greasy frying pan to boot! A great start to test the Cillit Bang All in 1.


You switch on the dispenser using the little power button on the back.  I passed the Frying pan under it and out came the Cillt Bang smelling of lemons, a no touch dispense – FAB, especially considering you may already have wet hands from washing up! I gave the pan a quick wipe around with the sponge and put in some warm water to complete the wash and it came up sparkling and not greasy at all! I was (and still am) impressed!  Well after these delicious Fritters, it was time for some pudding!!


Well I couldn’t resist giving the Cornish Fairing Ginger Biscuits a go. Time for more ingredients (4oz Butter, 6oz Self Raising Flour, 3oz Caster Sugar, 1 level tbsp golden syrup, 1 level tsp bicarbonate of soda), an easy recipe, but definitely another messy one!  The worst thing was the state my kitchen side was left in! Flour everywhere (the bags never tip right, it even went on the scales too!). So I got the Cillit Bang out again and set about my side!


As I was wiping a side down this time, I held a sponge under the nozzle and out came a squirt of the lemony freshness. I then directly used it and wiped down my side, rinsed the sponge and another quick wipe  and my worktop was sparkling, really sparkling!! It was so easy, picked up the flour, cut through the stickiness. It was great, there was no work to it at all, squirt, wipe, rinse and it is clean – what could be simpler!



I have to say I have fallen in love with this Cillint Bang All in one! So easy to use, it’s no touch dispensing system, the fact it is suitable for pots and surfaces, the lovely clean smell and the performance! So much to love, it now sits patiently next to my kitchen sink waiting to be used! The only thing is I have forgotten to switch it off and then moved it and it has dispensed on my hand, but my hands smell nice! A massive thumbs up (who thought I would ever say that about cleaning!). Now I am off to enjoy another Ginger Biscuit!




I was supplied with the product and means to buy the ingredients for this review, however all views are my own and are honest!

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Well I uses the title of this is the last time I get to call you baby! You are a big girl now, two years old, most definitely not a baby! You are much too independent to be called a baby anyway!

You have grown into a bright beautiful little girl and we consider you the princess of the family (even your brother called you a princess today!).  We have had a lovely day full of smiles and cuddles celebrating your day!

Happy Birthday Mouse!

Love you x

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So, the other day the kids and I were just kinda hanging around the house with nothing to do, wasting time, not really playing, not really doing anything so I thought ‘let’s do some baking’  we decided to make some Chocolate Cookies and some bread! I was basically the instructor while they did the hard work!

Here are the Cookies in pictures:

The bread didn’t work out quite so well (which could have been because if was our first ever attempt, or it could have been because the mix was slightly out of date!)

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Well being at home for a week off work, i decided to do something I haven’t done before, I made a cottage pie (I am reliably informed it is this instead if shepherds pie as I didn’t use lamb).  When I say made, i don’t even mean making it ready made and warming it up, I actually mean made and put together! So here are the results

Meat Version

Veggie Version

Now, quite clearly I could of done with more potato, but I think it is a pretty good effort, now to sprinkle cheese on the top and get baking!

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