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As a Haba Ambassador I have been ask to review these Fabric blocks

I know what you are thinking – ‘How cute are they?!’, I know this because that is exactly what I thought when they arrived!  There is a set of three soft animals, which have velcro between their body and heads, to enable you to swap the parts and mix and match, make yourself a Ele-raffe! The detail is perfect and they are fairly unique ot what I have seen from other companies.

On the box it says they are suitable from 10 months and I would agree that this is a perfect age, the blocks are soft, safe, a lovely size and very pleasing on the eyes, fabulous colours and they are a wonderful set.

I really think these would make a lovely gift for a baby, as a new baby gift to be played with later, or for a first christmas pressie, something they will like and that they can play with, they are ideal as first building blocks, and can encourage role play too (Mummy and daddy may have to help with animal noises)!

They are very baby friendly and get a big thumbs up from our household, they are definitely on my list of ideas for gifts in the future!


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My HABA Ambassador box has been awesome, so I am happy to tell you a bit about the final two items from the goodies I have had!

The Speedy Horse is a wooden handheld rattling toy and the dashing dog is a fabric toy that you use the pull string on the back to send him dashing along – both are suitable from 10 Months up.

Speedy Horse is lovely, he is made from lovely wood, very smooth and no sharp edges or corners that could hurt, he has dangling legs and when you give him a shake he ‘rattles’ and makes a lovely sound. I love him!!

Mouse (1 year old) loves him too, she gives a big smile when she sees him. I think this is partly to do with the noise resembling the clip clopping of a horse – oh and of course the fact she loves being noisy!!

The Dashing Dog is cute, he is soft and brightly coloured, a very attractive toy for little ones! He is easy to use and is perfect for your own baby or a gift for someone else’s! The only slight downside is he works better on some surfaces than others (but that is kind of expected with this type of toys, they don’t always like carpets) and he doesn’t always go forwards, but spice is the variety of life!

Another two big thumbs up for HABA and their toys, please visit their website for more info on the toys or for stockists!

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Item Number three from our fabulous HABA Ambassador box! Please meet Tim – a Pure Nature Doll!

What an adorable doll he is too!

Completely made of material, he is smooth and so cuddly! My little

girl loves her ‘baby’ and when she picks him up she rocks him side to side saying ‘ahhhhhh’. He is a perfect little size for her to cuddle and carry around.

There are no little bits on Tim, so he is completely suitable for little ones and a really big bonus is it is washable, as any mum knows this is always helpful, especially when little ones want to share their food with their babies!

Legs (3) has also had a good play with ‘Baby’, he has enjoyed playing as much as Mouse, because Tim is a boy and not wearing pink,  he has really fitted in to the family of toys that both the children like to play with!

A very welcome edition to the house, and I think he will last a while too, a much loved toy already!

For more information on products or stockists please visit the HABA Website

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Silent Sunday

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That’s it!

Anyone else have them days where you just think – that’s it, I’ve had enough, I give up! Well today is that day for me!

After a month of illness, me with Labyrithitis, both kids with conjunctivitis, followed by two migraines for hubby and some colds! Last night we were up all night with Baby mouse being sick!

So That’s It! I have had enough, I give up, any more to send our way?

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As we enter a new year I thought I best do a quick round up of 2010!

It all started back in January, as all years do – I was pregnant and working full time, we also had a near two year old and life was busy (although the year got busier……) here is a quick month by month round up!


I started the year off 7 months pregnant and felt Big, Fat and Tired


I started my Maternity Leave from my ‘real job’ which meant I had a month before the due date to spend with my near 2 year old!


A birthday (the 2 year old), a Birth (3 days later) and an anniversary (our 3rd). A very busy but beautiful month!


My first birthday as a mum of two and I celebrated with Pizza and a DVD – Bliss!


We had the Mouse’s six week check, all was fine and she was growing really well! As a family we seriously contemplated moving towns, but decided to stay put for a while!


I did something that I have always wanted to, I took a Spanish Course, just a beginners one and I loved every minute!


A visit to Whitepost farm!


We started the weaning process with Mouse, she loves her food!


A lovely Holiday and a Half marathon (ran by hubby not me)


A high and low month; Brother-in-law went to Afganistan with the forces for a three month stint, due to be away over his birthday, anniversary and Christmas. On the high side the Mouse learnt how to crawl and cruise!


I finally felt like I was finding my feet with the blog and decided to get a new name, so Writings, Ramblings and Reviews was born!


A fantastic month to end the year! Of course there was Christmas which Legs and Mouse enjoyed, BIL got back on Christmas Eve, Mouse took her first steps on Christmas Day (day before being 9 months old!), we were chosen as Maclaren Kid Testers and the hubby’s birthday is New Year’s Eve – so a great finish to the year!

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We are coming to the end of our ‘test period’ with our Maclaren products, so here we are to wrap up with a final round up of what we think.

Maclaren Junior Techno xt

The toddler (Legs) was lucky enough to receive this pushchair, and as soon as it arrived he loved it, there were no worries of it being a ‘girl’s toy’ at all – probably because he sees Daddy pushing around his baby sister (Mouse) in a pushchair.

Legs loves that it is a ‘real life’ toy, he feels grown up playing with it and it is so cute watching him act all parent like with his toys as he takes them for a walk, he puts his shopping in the basket and lies them down when they have fallen asleep.

The Novelty hasn’t warn off at all, I was have expecting it to fall by the wayside – as toys often do when new toys arrive over Christmas, but it is the perfect accessory to the new toys! He can use it to take Loopy to the shop (He got a till) or Sweetie Pie can sit in it to watch the Big Gig (he also got a guitar)!

It seems this is one of them toys that will go on and on, the play will just adapt and it will grow with him!

Both Mummy and Daddy loved it too. Daddy because it is so easy to put together, Mummy because it is so realistic without being complicated, and it keeps the children happy for hours; even the Mouse at 9 months old likes to have a look and putting things in and out the basket!

A definite Thumbs up from us!

Beginning…………..by Maclaren Travel Kit for Baby

Mouse was a perfect tester for this gift set of trial sized products, it is hard for her to tell me exactly what she thinks being so young, but I can happily tell you she loved the products!

As you will have seen from our previous review, the first day we used the items she slept though the night for the first time in six months – bliss, and I would say they have had a calming effect since too! The smell is lovely, they are easy to use and we will definitely keep using them!

The talc and nappy cream is in the changing bag from a visit to the in-laws, well I wanted to make sure we had something with us as we rushed out the door on a impromptu visit! In fact from now on a couple of items will live in the bathroom and a couple in the bag, so wherever we are, we will have them to hand!

Another definite thumbs up!!

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