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There is nothing like a bit of junk modelling on the weekend to enjoy the time with the Monkey and the Mouse! We were looking to find inspiration and found it from The Toadstool Blog with their talk of saving the penguins and Earthday ( #EarthDayatWW )!

So we headed for our craft box and a pile of junk and had some fun! PenguinJunk

So we took some boxes, plastic cups, paper plate, lids, egg boxes, yoghurt boxes, packaging and more and we let loose! Wrapping lids in tissue paper, gluing lids, cutting shapes, colouring plates, giggling away!

The Monkey got so  creative, topping his original idea with a better one and the Mouse smiled the whole way through as her idea developed!  We did one project as a family and then each of the kids made their own mini project! PenguinJunk2

Although all the projects were the same thing, they came out very different. Three beaks all made differently, one a plastic cup wrapped in orange tissue paper, one; half a paper plate coloured in and one; a yoghurt pot stuffed with orange tissue! The mini projects are the best because they really show the kids imagination, every aspect of them was decided and done by them. Monkey was very keen on a heart shaped tummy and big eyes, Mouse loves stickers and included them too!

The finally mission was to give the penguins a home, so please meet Henry (Centre), Dora (Left) and Jack!PenguinJunk3

Three penguins who live on some rocks (wearing hats) in the sea in a house in the Midlands, in the UK! I actually think they might have moved in forever, so what do you feed cardboard penguins?



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For the first time in a long time I have had the whole of Half Term off work. I have had lots of fun with the kids, we have crafted, watched films, been out and about and generally enjoyed time together!

For this weeks Photo of the Week I struggled to pick one photo, I have had so much fun that I wanted to show case all we have done in the week, so here I have one photo made up of more than one photo!


I am linking up with Team Lloyd’s Photo of the Week, head over there to look at more fab photos!

Team Lloyd

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It’s starting to look a lot like Christmas! Well it is in our house, you see this Saturday we are having ‘Pretend Christmas’, there is a reason for it but maybe thats another post. This post is all about decorations!

I sent Daddy up into the loft yesterday to get THE box down, the box with the tree, the decorations, the left over cards from last year and the stockings!

It’s So Exciting!!

The one thing I like to do is make something (or lots of things) with the kids under the topic of decorations! So, we sat down and……….

We took some bread, cranberries, popcorn, sweeties, cutters and some instructions (very important for a first timer in this particular craft!)

We laid it all out on the table looking pretty, we may have sampled a sweet, we even sampled a cranberry (to discover we much prefer them dried or as a sauce!)

We then set to work to make some bread decorations, yep that’s right, so Christmas decorations made from bread!

Firstly we toasted the bread, makes it easier to work with and then using your normal cutters we produced Reindeers and Stars! Next Came the threading onto ribbon, Cranberries, Popcorn (one for the ribbon, one for me) .

The kids really enjoyed designing how their garland was going to be and of course the fact they could nibble the materials too! Everytime a shape came out of the bread, the offcuts were quickly turned into snack material!

So much fun!

Secondly we cut rings out of the toast, popped them onto a baking tray, put a boiled sweet in the centre and popped in the oven. ‘Unfortunately’ they snapped when we tried to take them out of the over, so they ended up on the ‘to eat’ pile too! Must grease the tray better next time!

However the garlands are now proudly hanging up ready for the tinsel, the tree and the other sparkly things to join them! 

Disclaimer: We were kindly sent the Hovis Bread along with the materials to make these things, but the creativity and the fun is all real!

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The Gallery

Please meet Boris, yes Boris is a bee, he is the original logo of a small business hubby and I created. My mother in law actually made Boris from a picture my hubby had drawn! I thought I would share this little piccie of him as this week ‘The Gallery’ over on the Sticky Fingers blog has a topic of Yellow! Perfect!

Boris will soon not be the logo of our business, but he will always be special to us!


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Daddy and I had a real hope for Legs and Mouse this summer holidays, that they would have lots to do and wouldn’t get really bored after a week!  They have had a summer of Parks, Library, Swimming, Crafts, TV/films, making Dens, staying at Grandparents, a visit to Wollaton Hall (Batmans House!), garden play and more…

Today, we decided for a little wet weather fun of making our own Skittles Game, this is how we did it….

Disclaimer: We received no form of incentive to name the Galt Paintastic Pens – we just love them and use them in a lot of our crafts!

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We love arts and crafts, especially when using things that are already in the house, even better if that stuff would normally be thrown away! So the other day we were looking for something to do, and this is what we came up with (Amazing what you can do with some value foil and some bits and bobs)!

Take some cardboard boxes or cardboard sheetsAfter styling into a helmet, cover in tin foilDecorate; we used lids for buttons,Sweetie wrappers for colour,and feathers for fun

and all that was left to do was play!

The first two members of our space army!

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Last weekend we decided to make a shop, just for fun, well for a bit of crafty time with each other and fun! Here is how:

Take one Cardboard boxTape it into your shop shapeGive a base by covering with Tissue Paper!Tape, stick and Draw!Add a Shop SignSet it upAnd Play!

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