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A Birthday Message


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Lest we forget!

Lest we forget, All those who were there

Lest we forget, Those who care

Lest we forget, Those who give and gave

Lest we forget, Those who Save

Lest we forget, Those who stand for right

Lest we forget, Those who fight

Lest we forget, Those not coming home

Lest we forget, Those who roam

Lest we forget, Those amazing souls

Lest we forget…………….

Copyright Kelly Brett 2011

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Throwing pieces of paper in the direction of the bin!  That’s what Lily had been doing for six hours. Would get so many words in, and not like it, make a mistake or give up!  She never thought it would be this hard; it was a bit of fun, just a laugh! Why couldn’t she write a sixty-word story!

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Mars Bar Limerick

I asked for a topic to write a poem about on twitter and this is the result of one reply, so dedicated to @Shortbloke

There once was a mars bar bought
By a bloke who was a little bit short
He ate it dipped in red sauce
which was yucky of course
and stopped eating it before he was caught!

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The building was swaying first to the left then to the right as if it was dizzy.

The outside colour was more grey than it had been before.

Everyone inside had heard sneezing, sniveling and sobbing.

Now they were all outside, staring, waiting, watching as the building got worse,

as though illness had taken hold, well that’s sick building syndrome!

Please feel free to write your own 60 word story and post your link below!

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There were three different houses on Bacon Way,

all of the residents had one thing in common; the same foe!

There was no reason the enemy had taken a dislike to them,

but to cut a very long story short,

two of the houses were destroyed,

and they now all live together with a very breathless wolf as a pet

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One, two, it’s me and you
Three, four, we are on the floor
Five, six, the clock ticks
Seven, eight, we are laying straight
Nine, ten, don’t know when
Ten, Nine, we are feeling fine
Eight, seven, almost in heaven
Six, Five, we’re barely alive
Four, three, the pressure is on me
Two, one and the sit ups are gone!

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