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Today I received a gift!

As some of you know I like a glass (or two) of red wine but I don’t know a lot about wine. I know I like South African Red Wine best but there are many out there I don’t know anything about! The gift I received this morning will change all that, I have been sent this lovely book

Now I know you are wondering who sent me this great personal gift, well it was that lovely ‘Fairy Godfather’ you have probably read about from Appliances Online.

A while back I commented on a post by Savvy Mummy, it just so happened that the Fairy Godfather was watching and he emailed me offering me this lovely gift (such a nice email to receive). The question really is Why would they send me a book when they sell appliances, the simple answer is because they are nice and wanted to send something that would be personal to who I am!  So next time I settle down with my glass of wine, I can read about what to drink next!

So a big thank you to Appliances Online and If you were to comment on this post you never know what might happen, you might receive a lovely gift too!


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