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Dear All

I haven’t been near our bookshelf for a while, don’t really get chance to read that much now, I used to love settling down in a bath with a book, could stay there and read chapter after chapter, topping up the water, getting wrinkly – of course, that was BC (before children).

So the bookshelf is full of dusty books, some kept for sentimental reasons, some because they were so good, I have kept them because ‘one day I want to read them again’ and several are unread, waiting for me to be able to sit down and melt away into their world of words!

I do still get to read, but the books I get to read are full of talking animals, peek a boo and bright colourful pictures – don’t get me wrong at all, I love Kids books, I love that anything can happen and the excitement on my children’s faces when we read!

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